Its funny how things change and know people starts to ask me if I want to work with them, feels good

It has been a weird process while playing Amatha, but had had many advntures on this short time I have been doing this, so I am going to tell you how things are changing for me little by little amathalovers.

At he beginning I was requesting to work with different type of people, I approach and ask them if they wanted to make a collaboration, some accept, some didn’t even answered me, it is fine, it is the process. I started woking with some that at the beginning were really firendly, really “supportive” but at the end the relationship has broked since I didn’t do the things the way they wanted, like removing my mask for them or not doing a posture that they wanted, anyway, so many early relations have dissapeared by different circumstances.

Some are barley present, at first very talkative, telling me that they will draw me any time I want and at the end only one draw and a lot of undone promises, please don’t promise if you are only going to do one thing.

Some have requested me pics, telling me they are going to do them and haven’t received the draw back, so not sure if I was tricked and they just wanted my nude pic or they are too busy with other draws, but I think I go more with the first option since there are many fake artists out there and need to be more careful so they have my nude pic, so what, don’t care.

Also I started to know other persons, with them approaching me asking me to work with them, some are real, some are fake, but one has made a real painting of me, that you can look at my Art for Sale page, there is another painting going on with a really daring pic, based on my Empowerment Boudoir where I am squatting and posing with power, think the image is really powerful and yes, some will see just a female pussy, just open and will want to jerk, but for others, they will understand the reference behind that posture and that pics are made for them.

Check my premium content for more.

It is similar to the pic above, but with some difference, really cool, when I have the painting I will post it here for you to see. Even the pic above, was done to show what I think of what is happening with women in the Middle East, in a way of a protest to say “My Body My Rules”, it is a really explicit set of pics, but with a main message, where I am basically showing how I am against their rules and just saying that I am in charge of my own body and no one else is.

So, it feels good that I am being requested more to work with, think I am more open and feel more natural doing this, since at the end this is who I am, but also need to be more careful with whom I work with, since many fakes are out there and I have fallen some times, where I send the nude pic to be drawn and receive nothing in return, so another reason to change on how I manage things in here, unfortunately many people just abuse and this is a learning process, so just need to keep going being a little more cautious.

At the end I think that my work is kind of paying off, still have a long way to go, many ideas are going on, more boudoirs, more artistic nudes, being a muse for different artists to be drawn, maybe appear in some magazines, do some live drawing sessions, live events, don’t know, many things can come from this and mainly, I am enjoying it.

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


How is one of my boudoir sessions?

Have you ever wondered how is one of my boudoir sessions amathalovers? Well, today is the day that I will share a little more with you on how I do my sessions.

What do you imagine? Do you think it is just get dressed or nude in front of a camera and stand there doing postures to get several shots of whatever one is trying to do?

Well, can say that part is true but not evreything, let me explain, so…

A pic from my White Corset Boudoir, click for more!

Lets start!!

Outfit selection / Clear Idea

Sometimes when the idea isn’t that clear, checking the outfits helps me a lot to see what I can create and then I just let my imagination flow, so the outfit gives me a big idea on what I am going to do on the session. But this doesn’t mean this is always the case, most of the times the idea of the character I am going to play is pretty clear, even I have like a list of ideas of several things I want to do as Amatha.

But also consider that this for me can work in both ways, sometimes I have a clear idea but not a clear idea of the outfit, so I play a little bit with this step.

Mask selection

Even the masks can look the same, since most of them are of the Catrina, these ones have different expressions, different colors, so according what I want to represent on the boudoir is the mask that I will select for this one.

Outdoor / Indoor

An Indoor Boudoir is, in some way, easier to manage since only the photographer and myself are working together to take the shots, develop the idea, just taking in consideration the best place to take the shots, the lightning, etc.

An Outdoor Boudoir is more tricky, I think, since the boudoirs are done in public places where other eyes can see me, so when we go and take the shots, sometimes we go before the boudoir is done to check the place and see if it will be possible for me to get nude in nature. Once we do our research, we see at what hour we will go and do it, generally the best time is really early, also it gives a good natural light. It is really exciting for me to do this boudoirs.

Also I have done these ones at different hours, like one I did really recently where I almost got caught by a full family, a big risk, fortunately nothing happen. I will tell my story on another blog entrance.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!


Generally getting into the mind of the character I am playing is not a big issue. Been learning to do it and, I can’t deny I like some more than others, but I think it has been easier for me to perform different characters. Maybe it doesn’t look like I am playing different characters, maybe need to make it clearer for you, but I try and feel different with what I do, so for me is a progress.


The length of my sessions aren’t that long, these ones can be really quick as for 10 minutes to the longest ones of 30 minutes I think. This is because everything is done being natural, not forcing anything, what is done is done because it is what I feel, so everything flows naturally and can be done really fast.

Even I say the boudoirs are done really fast we take a lot of pictures so we have several options to choose from.

This helps a lot while doing the boudoirs outdoor when things can be in a rush.

Well, that is something I can say about my boudoirs, performing them, since after each boudoir comes a selection of pics, edition and other stuff that I will talk in another blog entrance, meanwhile enjoy my world of Amatha The Masked Boudoir Model where soon NEW STUFF will come, so stay tuned.


What is to be a muse for so many artists?

Hello amathalovers, been kind of busy so I havenĀ“t been able to post or create new material but I am back with new stuff, new ideas, that I hope you will like.

So, lets restart talking a little bit on, how I felt being a muse for so many different eyes, drawing styles and becoming a parto of this art world that I really love?

First of all, I have love it!!

Its has been a great experience to have been seen, admire and drawn by so many talented people, its amazing how many unknown artists are there in Instagram.

Of course not everything is amazing, there are also things I don’t like at all, like that some of them take a lot of time to draw, but they do it at the end. Some say they are really busy and basically tell me to get in the line to be drawn, go take your turn, true argument or just pervs that want naked pics? Some of them telling me they want to draw me, but mainly it appears they just want to see me in the nude doing some special poses and they don’t draw anything, I HATE THAT!! Some pretend to be nice, talk nicely, seems ok, I sent the pic and they don’t do anything but they constantly ask me if I have more to share with them because they want to see more, so for me, just pervs, where I just say .I.

So it is difficult, unfortunately its a learning process of this world, good and bad people are everywhere and basically Im trying to find good artists I can collaborate and work with.

Painting done by turkish artist Murat Ilgrim. Go buy it!

Anyway, lets talk more about the good part.

It has been really awesome to have been drawn with so many different styles, from classical ones, as shown in the pic above, painted in canvas using oil, to most modern styles with digital artists. That is being use a lot nowadays. But at the end, one can see how each painter wants to give its own touch to the draw, giving its unique and characteristic touch.

It has been really challenging to be the muse, trying to keep what I want, but also trying to make the drawer feel the pic, so they can transmit that feeling to the painting, giving it that special touch.

Talk about challenges since I have done full spread nudes, that I thought will never do, but seeing them done with the artistic view, just turn to be beautiful.

Watercolor/ digital painting.

Will I do more? I have done others, but the paintings aren’t ready yet. Also different versions have been done but not publish, yet…

Will I ever post the real pics? Who knows, not at the moment, but maybe in a near future.

At the end, being a muse has been a real pleasure, really exciting to form part of so many styles and being able to form part in this art world, even being in a minimum way. I really love this artistic world and it has show me a lot, since everything depends on the perspective of the person, I can try to do and show something, the drawer also, but at the end, you can have other vision, you can see something different and there is the beauty, the interpretation of each and everyone of you of this huge art world.


So, I invite you to visit the Art Section with some of the artwork I have participated, also there is a new section, Art for Sale, where you will be able to buy the original paintings that will be coming out, maybe later in NFTs, but meanwhile in the old ways, so you can hang me on the wall of your special place.

Visit my Boudoirs, where more will be coming, more material will be available, visit my Short Videos, with small samples of the behind the scenes of the boudoirs or just announcing the new boudoir or maybe a short sample of a live boudoir, who knows what can come, Tip Me if you feel like supporting me in this world, because it pretty awesome to receive everything free, but it has a cost for me, so help me if you want to see more.

So stay tuned to find out what is coming in my world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”! and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!


Doing a spread fully naked for a painter, WTF was I thinking?

As you have seen amathalovers on my Art Section, I have done pieces of art where I am fully naked and totally spreading my legs, showing there?, Really?, Showing my pussy?, Why? Am I changing? What did I felt while doing this? Why do it? Answers below.

Well, the first time, when I saw the proposal of the drawer I felt and thought, “That posture is only sex”, but seeing it, thinking a little bit on it, doing the shots and seeing the final draw, my idea changed, why was that? Am I taking another path and leaving sensuality to do nudes? So WTF was I thinking when I did this and continue to do it as you may have seen.

First of all, I am just sitting, nothing out of place except I am naked, as explained in this blog entrance, but what was running through my mind while doing this postures showing my pussy?

In some way, and mainly, it was “Well its my body, I am allowing you to see it, you want to see my pussy, well here it is, but with a limit”.

And also amathalovers, the answer is simple, even I am fully nude and spreading, I am still keeping the sensual part I want, why is that? Because the feeling of leaving you, the viewers, wanting for more remains there. I am showing my pussy to all of you, but not as you will like to see it. Is to tell, “Here is what you want so much, so I give you a glimpse, but you won’t be able to see it completely well, you see a partial part of it, seeing doors that won’t open”.

Sorry to say it, but feels so great to create that feel of need, its just incredible to see how a simple thing like that, can create such a chaos and a feeling that they just want more. And not only viewers, males or females, also the same drawers want to draw me more, its amazing how something like that, create that reaction.

I have asked people that have asked me for my nudes, why me?, why my pussy, why my body, since there are so many out there for you to see? Just write in google pussy and a lot will come out for free. So, why me?

The answer, you are a mysterious woman, with a beautiful body, that makes it kind of irresisitible, with a need to know and see more, please I am horny send me more pics, my answer, “NO, I’m not here to please your horny mind and jerk with me, browse through whats available, I’m here to try to model and do something that I like and do for me”.

What do you think about that?

Please understand something, I try to model and enjoyed this boudoir and artistic world, not here for your pleasure. I know what the pics can create and generate in your mind and I don’t even have to be naked, or any women needs to be, to create erotic thoughts on once mind. Thats really easy to do, sex is everywhere and they use it a lot to sell things, a lot in everything, so not doing anything new.

So, if you want to jerk with my pics, fine, go and enjoy, let your imagination flow, do whatever you want, but don’t expect me to follow you on your hornyness, won’t happen. Just let me model, create my part in this world, enjoy it and you, enjoy this world that I create, enjoy it the best way you want, as simple as that.

Honesty from them? Not sure, but at least it feels good to be appreciated. Will it last? Who knows, a lot depend on how things are managed and in my opinion, continue to work hard as I try to do, keeping the sensuality at max, leaving things to the imagination, playing with your minds, creating that need, sorry, but feels great and I think I am achieving a part of what I am looking for.

So please, just follow my world, enjoy it, tip me and help me create, so more can come in different and sensual ways, play with yourself if you want, let your imagination fly, do something yourself, don’t live so much in this virtual unreal world, but just let me model and enjoy this boudoir and artistic world.

Well, thats it, check my boudoirs for more pics, read and suscribe to my blog with more of my opinion, my stories and my world, and mainly enjoy The World Of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. ENJOY LIFE.