Art Gallery

It has been my pleasure to be considered and collaborate, with different talented people, to form part of different types of art, from drawings to paintings, so here I will publish the artwork done by this talented people with me as the model that you can see on Instagram. More than pleased to become a piece of art. Hope you enjoy as I do.

This is from my last figure collaboration

This is from the 7th figure collaboration

This is from the 6th figure collaboration

This is from the 5th figure collaboration

This are from the forth figure collaboartion.

This are from the third figure collaboration.

This are from the second figure collaboration.

This are from the first figure collaboration I did!!

I feel honored to be able to participate and form part of this artistic expressions, with different styles, from different talented people from different parts of the world, that shows the idea behind Amatha with their own style. More than pleased to form part, even a tiny bit, from this artistic world that I admire.

MORE WILL BE COMING!!, so stay tune by following my newsletter of any news coming from the site, so you can look at the work of this talented people that have drawn or painted me with different visions.

Meanwhile, enjoy my boudoirs, my artistic nudes, where you will be able to see the original pic, read my blog stories and tip me to support me in this masked adventure, so I can continue doing the boudoirs that I love so much and I think you enjoy and mainly, ENJOY LIFE AND SEE YOU AROUND.


2 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. My greatest admiration for your honesty and openness!

    As a photographer, it’s refreshing to shoot with open minded models, maintaining their anonymity and then creating digital or physical art pieces from those.
    I would love to shoot with you, or edit some of your amazing images.

    • Well it has been difficult for me, challenging, won’t deny it, not so sure that I am that open minded but working on it and Amatha is helping me beat several of those things. And honestly, that doesn’t mean that I am open to anything, of course I have limits, but I try to do things that I feel keep that touch of sensuality, of art, that seems and looks natural.

      Not so sure we can have a photo shoot since I am far away, from what I can see on your site, but I think we can see how we can work with those editions you are talking about.

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