As pure and well behaved as a Lotus Flower, jejeje

It has been a while Amathalovers but I have been like crazy with aspects of my normal life that I haven’t had chance to write anything for the blog, but I will try to write more often.

You know I have made changes to my site, needed to do them since many things have happened and it has become more than necessary to do it this way. Honestly I have been tricked some times for my work without receiving anything in return, so in order to stop this, at least a bit, this is one of the reasons I made the site this way and that is something that I will leave for another blog entrance.

But, lets return to the main point here,.. This boudoir was a boudoir I did on a room where a lotus flower was used as decoration, so I thought it will be nice to use it and do a boudoir with it. I love and respect budism, I am some myself, so I really respect doing this boudoir with the beautiful lotus flower on the wall.

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So, the outfit is plain and simple and yes, I have used it for another boudoir, just without the thong hahaha, it was for the Horror Ballerina Boudoir, where I used the mini skirt for my “horror dance”. Will talk about that boudoir in another time, so the outfit was a black thong, the transparent mini skirt and thats all, with my tits out all the time.

So, all was focused on the lotus flower and me posing aside it, really cool and loved it.

Did you know that a simple definition of the lotus flower will be “that it symbolizes the triumph of the spirit over the senses, meaning wisdom and knowledge. A flower that never shows what is inside it, since it is mainly closed, being a flower that goes from the mystical part to the spiritual one“.

Just love it!! Kind of feel like me while doing this masked and not showing fully who is behind this, keeping things to the mystical part, really like that and think it matches with what I try to do. Well, at least, that is my opinion hahaha.

Yes, many get dissapointed when I tell them that I will never removed my mask, many have doubts of who I really am, if I am real, even some have doubts of me being a girl, simply ridiculous; but at the end part of their strategies to see if they convince me by some means to see if I take it off, unfortunately without having positive results for them.

I think I am mxing things here, but I really loved this boudoir because I think it kinda represents a bit of what I try to do with Amatha, this mystical masked female model. LOVE IT!!

But, I think I don’t have to much to say here, just that I really like it, hope you check out the other things I am doing. I am really trying to create more material, create more, let you see more of me so you can see I am real hahaha… But mainly enjoy this Masked World of Mine and ENJOY LIFE!!

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


Can’t stop doing boudoirs while taking a bath, this one on the shower

This boudoir wasn’t planned in some way, but after we finished shooting some of them, all of them have been posted, I wanted to take a shower to rest a bit from a hard working photo shoot day, isn’t it something you also do amathalovers?

So, instead of resting, in some way, I ended up performing a boudoir through the glass of the shower while taking a bath and performing some postures, which I think gave a nice touch to this boudoir, giving that essence that you know I am there, but you can’t see me with the clarity that you will like.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!

So, it was an easy boudoir to shoot, just me playing inside the bath while I was taken photos from the outside and we played with that and I think some really nice pics came from this boudoir.

I think it is different to the ones I have done on a jacuzzi, bathtub part 1 and part II, but this one gave a different touch since the glass and the steam of the water help the boudoir to create another atmosphere; and being these pics in black and white also gives a really nice touch that if we have done them in color, in this set, I really think that it was way better to take this pics in black and white, don’t you think?

Anyway, there is not a big story on this boudoir, the story is what I mentioned, just one question, which boudoir do you think I performed the same day?

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!

So, I hope you enjoy this boudoir, as much as I enjoyed doing it, keep an eye on the new things that will be coming to the site, suscribe to my blog to see what I am up to, check my other boudoirs, the art that I being creating with several artists around the world, tip me if you want to support me in this journey and mainly enjoy my world of Amatha, the Masked Boudoir Model. ENJOY LIFE.


How is one of my boudoir sessions?

Have you ever wondered how is one of my boudoir sessions amathalovers? Well, today is the day that I will share a little more with you on how I do my sessions.

What do you imagine? Do you think it is just get dressed or nude in front of a camera and stand there doing postures to get several shots of whatever one is trying to do?

Well, can say that part is true but not evreything, let me explain, so…

A pic from my White Corset Boudoir, click for more!

Lets start!!

Outfit selection / Clear Idea

Sometimes when the idea isn’t that clear, checking the outfits helps me a lot to see what I can create and then I just let my imagination flow, so the outfit gives me a big idea on what I am going to do on the session. But this doesn’t mean this is always the case, most of the times the idea of the character I am going to play is pretty clear, even I have like a list of ideas of several things I want to do as Amatha.

But also consider that this for me can work in both ways, sometimes I have a clear idea but not a clear idea of the outfit, so I play a little bit with this step.

Mask selection

Even the masks can look the same, since most of them are of the Catrina, these ones have different expressions, different colors, so according what I want to represent on the boudoir is the mask that I will select for this one.

Outdoor / Indoor

An Indoor Boudoir is, in some way, easier to manage since only the photographer and myself are working together to take the shots, develop the idea, just taking in consideration the best place to take the shots, the lightning, etc.

An Outdoor Boudoir is more tricky, I think, since the boudoirs are done in public places where other eyes can see me, so when we go and take the shots, sometimes we go before the boudoir is done to check the place and see if it will be possible for me to get nude in nature. Once we do our research, we see at what hour we will go and do it, generally the best time is really early, also it gives a good natural light. It is really exciting for me to do this boudoirs.

Also I have done these ones at different hours, like one I did really recently where I almost got caught by a full family, a big risk, fortunately nothing happen. I will tell my story on another blog entrance.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!


Generally getting into the mind of the character I am playing is not a big issue. Been learning to do it and, I can’t deny I like some more than others, but I think it has been easier for me to perform different characters. Maybe it doesn’t look like I am playing different characters, maybe need to make it clearer for you, but I try and feel different with what I do, so for me is a progress.


The length of my sessions aren’t that long, these ones can be really quick as for 10 minutes to the longest ones of 30 minutes I think. This is because everything is done being natural, not forcing anything, what is done is done because it is what I feel, so everything flows naturally and can be done really fast.

Even I say the boudoirs are done really fast we take a lot of pictures so we have several options to choose from.

This helps a lot while doing the boudoirs outdoor when things can be in a rush.

Well, that is something I can say about my boudoirs, performing them, since after each boudoir comes a selection of pics, edition and other stuff that I will talk in another blog entrance, meanwhile enjoy my world of Amatha The Masked Boudoir Model where soon NEW STUFF will come, so stay tuned.


A fox in my garden? Wait… its me.

Hello amathalovers and welcome to another boudoir story on, why we did this one?

Well, first of all, the fox mask I think it will be used in boudoirs that have like an asian reference, I feel it will fit well in boudoirs that make reference to the asian culture, being one of my favorites since many beautiful things comes from the far eastern land.

So, as many times, we weren’t in our house, we were in a rented house, that had a nice garden near the parking area, in the pictures we were very cautios leaving the car out of the shots, I will use the car in other boudoirs, but for this one, it just doesn’t fit, so maybe that is why some pics you may look that I am too close to the wall and that is the reason.

A pic from my Fox Boudoir. Click to see more!!

What is common between foxes and kimonos?

First of all, kind of nothing, I haven’t seen kimonos with fox images on them, I think most of them have flowrs as design, but I have seen yukatas with several designs of foxes on them (kimono and yukata are japanese clothing), but yukatas are formal cloth for men and kimonos are for women, so even that we thought that we can combine the idea of the kimono with the fox on it.

Why foxes are were in many yukatas designs?

From what I understand, not sure if I am right, you can correct me, the fox is an animal of the forest, called kitsune in japanese, which is used to name that spirit of the woods with a shape of a fox, that is in charge of protecting the forest and the neaby villages. So, in my opinion, you can consider the fox to be the protector of the home and that is why the men wears this image on his back on the yukatas, or I am just wrong with that thinking.

I know it sounds great, but if I am right on my thinking, why leave that responsibility only to the men, why I cannot wear the fox? Well I did in this boudoir, because I am a strong women and I can protect myself as the ones that I love, so I am honored to play the fox in this boudoir to show my strength, my sensuality and why not my tits. Foxes are naked so I don’t see the problem, do you?

A pic from my Fox Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, this boudoir is to show my respect and my love for this special animal, where I love the meaning that it has in the japanese culture; so what better way to represent him that with a fox boudoir.

Hope no one gets mad with this, I am doing it with all the respect that it deserves, but adding my own touch that I think is really important in this life, to give your touch to things and just don’t follow orders that says that things must be done in one way and one way only.

Well, that is what I can say about this boudoir, I hope you like the reason that I found doing this boudoir. Take a look at my boudoirs and my stories behind these ones and mainly, enjoy the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.