How is one of my boudoir sessions?

Have you ever wondered how is one of my boudoir sessions amathalovers? Well, today is the day that I will share a little more with you on how I do my sessions.

What do you imagine? Do you think it is just get dressed or nude in front of a camera and stand there doing postures to get several shots of whatever one is trying to do?

Well, can say that part is true but not evreything, let me explain, so…

A pic from my White Corset Boudoir, click for more!

Lets start!!

Outfit selection / Clear Idea

Sometimes when the idea isn’t that clear, checking the outfits helps me a lot to see what I can create and then I just let my imagination flow, so the outfit gives me a big idea on what I am going to do on the session. But this doesn’t mean this is always the case, most of the times the idea of the character I am going to play is pretty clear, even I have like a list of ideas of several things I want to do as Amatha.

But also consider that this for me can work in both ways, sometimes I have a clear idea but not a clear idea of the outfit, so I play a little bit with this step.

Mask selection

Even the masks can look the same, since most of them are of the Catrina, these ones have different expressions, different colors, so according what I want to represent on the boudoir is the mask that I will select for this one.

Outdoor / Indoor

An Indoor Boudoir is, in some way, easier to manage since only the photographer and myself are working together to take the shots, develop the idea, just taking in consideration the best place to take the shots, the lightning, etc.

An Outdoor Boudoir is more tricky, I think, since the boudoirs are done in public places where other eyes can see me, so when we go and take the shots, sometimes we go before the boudoir is done to check the place and see if it will be possible for me to get nude in nature. Once we do our research, we see at what hour we will go and do it, generally the best time is really early, also it gives a good natural light. It is really exciting for me to do this boudoirs.

Also I have done these ones at different hours, like one I did really recently where I almost got caught by a full family, a big risk, fortunately nothing happen. I will tell my story on another blog entrance.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!


Generally getting into the mind of the character I am playing is not a big issue. Been learning to do it and, I can’t deny I like some more than others, but I think it has been easier for me to perform different characters. Maybe it doesn’t look like I am playing different characters, maybe need to make it clearer for you, but I try and feel different with what I do, so for me is a progress.


The length of my sessions aren’t that long, these ones can be really quick as for 10 minutes to the longest ones of 30 minutes I think. This is because everything is done being natural, not forcing anything, what is done is done because it is what I feel, so everything flows naturally and can be done really fast.

Even I say the boudoirs are done really fast we take a lot of pictures so we have several options to choose from.

This helps a lot while doing the boudoirs outdoor when things can be in a rush.

Well, that is something I can say about my boudoirs, performing them, since after each boudoir comes a selection of pics, edition and other stuff that I will talk in another blog entrance, meanwhile enjoy my world of Amatha The Masked Boudoir Model where soon NEW STUFF will come, so stay tuned.


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