Changes are needed and the time has come for me to do them

Hello amathalovers, been sometime that I haven’t post something , but been thinking on this for a while and have decided to modify things around here.

Changes are needed and it is about to change things here. I am an artistic model, enjoy doing boudoirs and nude art, my nudes try to be artistic, show more than just a nude, so I am expanding my site including more material than before, nudity will be shown, since I have learned that nudity is art, at the end is the appreciation of the human body, being all bodies beautiful and art can be visualized in many ways, for some may be hornyness, for other ones may be art and for some others they will be able to appreciate something else.

But that doesn’t mean that I will leave everything open for all eyes to see, it feels good when people tell me that I am beautiful, that I have a great body, that I am very creative on what I am doing and all of those things, feels good, I really appreciate it; but I need to eat and being flattered only feeds my ego but not my stomach.

To do Amatha cost me money, need time to do it, invest on clothing, spots to shoot, masks, photo and video edition, etc. and I can’t afford to be absorbing all the cost of doing this, so it is easy, want more, feel free to subscribe to my page.

But, I will leave some things FREE in here, like a FREE TRIAL, sorry guys, but it is needed in order for me to create more and do so many things I have planned for Amatha, so if you want to see more of me in many different ways, in this artistic and crazy world of mine, I invite you to suscribe to my page, where you will have access to many hot boudoirs, artistic nudes, be able to compare art, between the actual draw or paint with my real pic, so you will be able to see how the artist created his or her vision, hot videos, behind the scenes and many more things will come.

But everything will be done as I has always said, keeping sensuality at max. I DON’T DO PORN, DON’T EVEN ASK.

So, I made up my mind, decided this is the best thing to do, I appreciate you for following me, the comments of support, I really love you amathalovers, but I need more to be able to keep doing this, just being honest.

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


What is to be a muse for so many artists?

Hello amathalovers, been kind of busy so I havenĀ“t been able to post or create new material but I am back with new stuff, new ideas, that I hope you will like.

So, lets restart talking a little bit on, how I felt being a muse for so many different eyes, drawing styles and becoming a parto of this art world that I really love?

First of all, I have love it!!

Its has been a great experience to have been seen, admire and drawn by so many talented people, its amazing how many unknown artists are there in Instagram.

Of course not everything is amazing, there are also things I don’t like at all, like that some of them take a lot of time to draw, but they do it at the end. Some say they are really busy and basically tell me to get in the line to be drawn, go take your turn, true argument or just pervs that want naked pics? Some of them telling me they want to draw me, but mainly it appears they just want to see me in the nude doing some special poses and they don’t draw anything, I HATE THAT!! Some pretend to be nice, talk nicely, seems ok, I sent the pic and they don’t do anything but they constantly ask me if I have more to share with them because they want to see more, so for me, just pervs, where I just say .I.

So it is difficult, unfortunately its a learning process of this world, good and bad people are everywhere and basically Im trying to find good artists I can collaborate and work with.

Painting done by turkish artist Murat Ilgrim. Go buy it!

Anyway, lets talk more about the good part.

It has been really awesome to have been drawn with so many different styles, from classical ones, as shown in the pic above, painted in canvas using oil, to most modern styles with digital artists. That is being use a lot nowadays. But at the end, one can see how each painter wants to give its own touch to the draw, giving its unique and characteristic touch.

It has been really challenging to be the muse, trying to keep what I want, but also trying to make the drawer feel the pic, so they can transmit that feeling to the painting, giving it that special touch.

Talk about challenges since I have done full spread nudes, that I thought will never do, but seeing them done with the artistic view, just turn to be beautiful.

Watercolor/ digital painting.

Will I do more? I have done others, but the paintings aren’t ready yet. Also different versions have been done but not publish, yet…

Will I ever post the real pics? Who knows, not at the moment, but maybe in a near future.

At the end, being a muse has been a real pleasure, really exciting to form part of so many styles and being able to form part in this art world, even being in a minimum way. I really love this artistic world and it has show me a lot, since everything depends on the perspective of the person, I can try to do and show something, the drawer also, but at the end, you can have other vision, you can see something different and there is the beauty, the interpretation of each and everyone of you of this huge art world.


So, I invite you to visit the Art Section with some of the artwork I have participated, also there is a new section, Art for Sale, where you will be able to buy the original paintings that will be coming out, maybe later in NFTs, but meanwhile in the old ways, so you can hang me on the wall of your special place.

Visit my Boudoirs, where more will be coming, more material will be available, visit my Short Videos, with small samples of the behind the scenes of the boudoirs or just announcing the new boudoir or maybe a short sample of a live boudoir, who knows what can come, Tip Me if you feel like supporting me in this world, because it pretty awesome to receive everything free, but it has a cost for me, so help me if you want to see more.

So stay tuned to find out what is coming in my world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”! and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!