As pure and well behaved as a Lotus Flower, jejeje

It has been a while Amathalovers but I have been like crazy with aspects of my normal life that I haven’t had chance to write anything for the blog, but I will try to write more often.

You know I have made changes to my site, needed to do them since many things have happened and it has become more than necessary to do it this way. Honestly I have been tricked some times for my work without receiving anything in return, so in order to stop this, at least a bit, this is one of the reasons I made the site this way and that is something that I will leave for another blog entrance.

But, lets return to the main point here,.. This boudoir was a boudoir I did on a room where a lotus flower was used as decoration, so I thought it will be nice to use it and do a boudoir with it. I love and respect budism, I am some myself, so I really respect doing this boudoir with the beautiful lotus flower on the wall.

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So, the outfit is plain and simple and yes, I have used it for another boudoir, just without the thong hahaha, it was for the Horror Ballerina Boudoir, where I used the mini skirt for my “horror dance”. Will talk about that boudoir in another time, so the outfit was a black thong, the transparent mini skirt and thats all, with my tits out all the time.

So, all was focused on the lotus flower and me posing aside it, really cool and loved it.

Did you know that a simple definition of the lotus flower will be “that it symbolizes the triumph of the spirit over the senses, meaning wisdom and knowledge. A flower that never shows what is inside it, since it is mainly closed, being a flower that goes from the mystical part to the spiritual one“.

Just love it!! Kind of feel like me while doing this masked and not showing fully who is behind this, keeping things to the mystical part, really like that and think it matches with what I try to do. Well, at least, that is my opinion hahaha.

Yes, many get dissapointed when I tell them that I will never removed my mask, many have doubts of who I really am, if I am real, even some have doubts of me being a girl, simply ridiculous; but at the end part of their strategies to see if they convince me by some means to see if I take it off, unfortunately without having positive results for them.

I think I am mxing things here, but I really loved this boudoir because I think it kinda represents a bit of what I try to do with Amatha, this mystical masked female model. LOVE IT!!

But, I think I don’t have to much to say here, just that I really like it, hope you check out the other things I am doing. I am really trying to create more material, create more, let you see more of me so you can see I am real hahaha… But mainly enjoy this Masked World of Mine and ENJOY LIFE!!

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


Feels cool when people approach and they tell you how you inspire them

Honestly amathalovers I wasn’t expecting any of this, but sometimes it happens that someone approaches me and ask me for advice on what they want to create or ask my opinion on the art they are creating or they ask me what maked me do this the way I do it and in some way they get inspiration from this, so honestly I am not going to lie that it feels good when ones “work” helps people in some way, in a good way, it feels cool!

It is not that there are a lot of persons telling me this, but even if they are a few, it feels good that your “work” is appreciated in a way that you are trying to show, where people really see the artistic touch and they not only see a naked girl. Well they see a naked gril, they appreciate me, but they also see more on what I am trying to do and that feels nice.

A pic from my Greek Goddes Boudoir, click for more!

I consider myself a newbie in this world, still have a lot to learn and that will never end, learning process never stops, but been learning, now think I know a little bit more of this world and if I can share my point of view or kind of my “experience” with persons that are interested, in a real way, it will be my pleasure to help.

Have had the chance to tell or share my opinion to different models, to different drawers or artists, to some photographers and it has been weird since I think I don’t know that much, but what I have told them seems it has worked; and I think that it is because it is always good to have different perspectives, different points of view, and I think it helps that I am the masked woman and in some way, I am trying to do things in a “different” way. Can’t tell I am original or that I am doing something new or different, but at least I think I am trying to give my touch to what I do and it is shown on the pics that I create and that is something that many persons like and thank you for that.

A pic from my Web-kini Boudoir, click for more!

So, it is not that I try to inflate my ego by saying that I am getting recognition for my “work” and I am putting work with quotes since I have said in another blog entrance that this is my therapy, maybe in a future will change but will see, I will be happy if it happens. I am happy since my “work” is reaching different kind of people and my “strange” style is getting recognized and I like it, at the end I am doing this to challenge myself, but also feels nice when someone tells you “hey, great jo, beautiful pic, beautiful body, love the masks, keep doing what you do, etc” and this also carries that some persons approach and tell me “what do you think of…”

Maybe I am exaggerating by saying I inspire poeple, not many people but a few, but in some way if I help them to gain courage, to challenge their fears, to improve in some way, I feel real good by doing it. Just remember mine is just an opinion, what may have work for me maybe won’t do for you, but it is good to hear or read other peoples minds.

A pic from my No Undies Maid Boudoir, click for more!

Anyway, I just wanted to express how I feel and that I will continue to play Amatha, think it has open me a new world and I like it.

So, I hope you continue to enjoy my artistic world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, here everything is uncensored, maybe soon some changes will come, not to censor things, but yes in other type of things that I think will help me on this difficult world, so tip me if you want to support me, but mainly ENJOY LIFE.

Been 6 months of playing Amatha, what have I learned

I started with Amatha around the beginnig of this year, officially, since the idea has been running through my mind, but I started sharing with you this vision of mine early 2021 amathalovers, so, what I have learned by being Amatha? Well, tonight this big question will be solved, isn’t it exciting…

First of all, this has really helped me to increase my confidence, to feel more comfortable with myself, I really appreciate more of myself being the way I am, I really feel more empowered, capable of more and even you can say, “You are masked, it is easy”, yes, in some way it is, it helps, but, why you don’t do it? why don’t you challenge yourself in some way?

Second, I have been doing my boudoirs, mostly, as I please, creating my own fairy tales, posing and doing as I will and strangely, as it may sound, talking on the why’s, this has helped others to open their visions, to work with their models in a different way. So in some way, I am helping others in its way, sharing my vision, sharing thoughts and helping see that it is better to let things flow natural that trying to force things, at least it is what I think and has worked with me and others kind of agree with it. Also I have learned from others, it has been a great experience to share knowledge with different persons across the world.

A pic from my Greek Goddess Boudior, click for more!!

Third, forming part of Art, it has been amazing to be able to work with several artists, even from a huge distance, that have drawn me through their vision but with my vision of the pic creating just beautiful artwork, just amazing and love it. It has been great to create and form part of their art, even if it is a minimum part, but I can hang on someones wall through a painting or just a skect of me, but this symbolize a lot to me, so it has been a great experience so far.

With its difficulties, since sometimes some persons pretend to be drawers just to see my naked pics, have fallen sometimes, not going to lie, some are just pervs that want to jerk with me; but most of the persons that I have known, have been really professional, yes as men they have told me, at least honest, that they get horny while working with my pics, I have told them that they can do whatever they want in their mind, at the end in someones mind you can do as you wish and no one can tell you anything and I just add, “Do as you want, but don’t tell me” jajajaja…

A pic from my Lotus Flower Boudoir, click for more!!

Forth, even I have been growing “a little” since now people approaches me telling me they want to work with me instead of being me the one that approaches them, it has been difficult for me to sometimes comply with the requests, that because:

  • Don’t have enough time to do so many things I have to do in my normal life, so sometimes the requests take me some time to do them, so please be patient
  • Specify that even I do nudes, there are limits I won’t cross, most of them respect that I am really glad they do
  • I WON’T show my face to anyone, DON’T INSIST, I am masked and love to play Amatha this way

Fifth, have seen that a lot demand to see more, even in some way have been insulted, sometimes, since I don’t show more, but no one helps the cause, so things will continue to be as it is and you are able to see. Been thinking if I should change things or not, type of OnlyFans, want the butty, well you know what is needed.

Sixth, just LOVE to do this, creating Boudoirs and doing Art with others, it is just the therapy that I need, it helps me free myself, challenge myself and learn more about me and what I am capable of, just the right medicine.

Seventh, I just want to THANK all of the persons that have supported my work, in any way, by your words, your comments, sharing your thoughts, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your SUPPORT.

Well that is what I have to say amathalovers, hope you enjoy my world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, visit my world, tip me if you want to support me on creating new things and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


Doing a spread fully naked for a painter, WTF was I thinking?

As you have seen amathalovers on my Art Section, I have done pieces of art where I am fully naked and totally spreading my legs, showing there?, Really?, Showing my pussy?, Why? Am I changing? What did I felt while doing this? Why do it? Answers below.

Well, the first time, when I saw the proposal of the drawer I felt and thought, “That posture is only sex”, but seeing it, thinking a little bit on it, doing the shots and seeing the final draw, my idea changed, why was that? Am I taking another path and leaving sensuality to do nudes? So WTF was I thinking when I did this and continue to do it as you may have seen.

First of all, I am just sitting, nothing out of place except I am naked, as explained in this blog entrance, but what was running through my mind while doing this postures showing my pussy?

In some way, and mainly, it was “Well its my body, I am allowing you to see it, you want to see my pussy, well here it is, but with a limit”.

And also amathalovers, the answer is simple, even I am fully nude and spreading, I am still keeping the sensual part I want, why is that? Because the feeling of leaving you, the viewers, wanting for more remains there. I am showing my pussy to all of you, but not as you will like to see it. Is to tell, “Here is what you want so much, so I give you a glimpse, but you won’t be able to see it completely well, you see a partial part of it, seeing doors that won’t open”.

Sorry to say it, but feels so great to create that feel of need, its just incredible to see how a simple thing like that, can create such a chaos and a feeling that they just want more. And not only viewers, males or females, also the same drawers want to draw me more, its amazing how something like that, create that reaction.

I have asked people that have asked me for my nudes, why me?, why my pussy, why my body, since there are so many out there for you to see? Just write in google pussy and a lot will come out for free. So, why me?

The answer, you are a mysterious woman, with a beautiful body, that makes it kind of irresisitible, with a need to know and see more, please I am horny send me more pics, my answer, “NO, I’m not here to please your horny mind and jerk with me, browse through whats available, I’m here to try to model and do something that I like and do for me”.

What do you think about that?

Please understand something, I try to model and enjoyed this boudoir and artistic world, not here for your pleasure. I know what the pics can create and generate in your mind and I don’t even have to be naked, or any women needs to be, to create erotic thoughts on once mind. Thats really easy to do, sex is everywhere and they use it a lot to sell things, a lot in everything, so not doing anything new.

So, if you want to jerk with my pics, fine, go and enjoy, let your imagination flow, do whatever you want, but don’t expect me to follow you on your hornyness, won’t happen. Just let me model, create my part in this world, enjoy it and you, enjoy this world that I create, enjoy it the best way you want, as simple as that.

Honesty from them? Not sure, but at least it feels good to be appreciated. Will it last? Who knows, a lot depend on how things are managed and in my opinion, continue to work hard as I try to do, keeping the sensuality at max, leaving things to the imagination, playing with your minds, creating that need, sorry, but feels great and I think I am achieving a part of what I am looking for.

So please, just follow my world, enjoy it, tip me and help me create, so more can come in different and sensual ways, play with yourself if you want, let your imagination fly, do something yourself, don’t live so much in this virtual unreal world, but just let me model and enjoy this boudoir and artistic world.

Well, thats it, check my boudoirs for more pics, read and suscribe to my blog with more of my opinion, my stories and my world, and mainly enjoy The World Of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. ENJOY LIFE.


Why my boudoirs are including more nudity?

If you been following me from the beginning you have seen that the first boudoirs that I posted are more to the “normality” of boudoirs, lingerie, sensual, etc. and after the home office boudoir, the following ones I been showing a lot more of myself, even full nude, why amathalovers? why this change? Am I changing?

Well here I will try to explain that for me is inside what I been expecting, to tell my fairy tales through my own vision, how sensuality is kept through my sessions and how this still remain to be boudoirs, at least from my opinion.

Lets start with the definition of boudoir:

“The word boudoir is french, and it refers to a women’s private dressing room. It’s an intimate place that she has all to herself. In the same way, boudoir photography is intimate photography, taken for the subject and her own personal reasons”.

What do you see in most of boudoir pictures?

A pic from my Home Office Boudoir. Click to see more!!

In this picture of my Home Office Boudoir, I’m showing whats part of what you see in most boudoirs, mainly, a women in lingerie just enjoying her “intimate” room, her sensuality and privacy. And in most boudoir pictures, you don’t get to see her full tits, her ass without a thong, that is alright, that is done by many people and a lot of beatuiful pictures have been taken and I really like it, some are really beautiful.

But, in some way, for the reasons that they may have, you don’t see her nude because it can touch the erotic part and in some way, a thin line exists between erotic and sensuality, my opinion, maybe there are other reasons. But in my thinking, a women’s body is everything tits, ass, pussy, legs, everything that makes her, so why not show it if I feel comfortable with my nudity and with who I am?

Because its not that she is not nude while she is in her intimate room, thats nonsense, but for a main reason, most boudoir pictures are taken following the format of lingerie and a closed room, mainly her bedroom.

What else do I think? That I can feel sensual anywhere, being indoor or outdoor, that my body reflects my sensuality in several ways, as explained on a previous blog entrance, that being with cloth, lingerie or nude doesn’t represent a boundary to show sensuality, as I want to challenge myself by doing this in different locations and I am enoying it.

As in my Mountain Boudoir, honestly being nude in the forest felt great, it was a little bit cold, but felt amazing, the freedom, the mountain, the forest, me enjoying this beautiful scene, just made me wanna get naked and I did, and I don’t think is erotic, since I’m getting nude because I enjoy my nudity and feel great with it, just wanna feel the nature running through my body.

A pic from my Mountain Climbing Boudoir which I really enjoy. Click to see more!!

If you enjoy your nudity and feel good with it, doesn’t matter if you show your boobs, butt or even the pussy, just be natural, feel the location and mainly, enjoy yourself while doing this. By doing this, I definitely think that you are not entering the erotic territory and you remain where nudity is an art, where you just admire a masterpiece, where you admire the female naked body.

So YES amathalovers, my boudoirs will continue to have nudity, lingerie, cloth as necessary and everything that I think is needed to create a character, to fit the shoot, to help with the location, to have a great photo shoot and to try to represent and achieve what I am looking for and of course, share it with all of you, because I like you to see me and tell me that you like my pictures, tell me that the shots are nice and well done; and it is true and will not deny it, I like when you see my pics, but in a way that I have explained. As I said, is like a piece of art, that you got interested, stay a little and admire it, well, that is what I like to feel.

So I hope you come and continue with me in this adventure of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”, more boudoirs will come, meanwhile check my other boudoirs, leave a comment, talk to me and see you around.