What do I think of OnlyFans?

OnlyFans a platform that is becoming extremely popular since it looks like easy money, since all of your followers will pay for exclusive content of whatever you are selling, here will talk of the nudes, so what do I think amathalovers?

Nudity, the concept of seeing a person without any cover, natural, tits out, ass out, pussy out, mainly what most want to see, a most for a lot of persons, so they can answer the big question of, how does that person looks nude? and of course, they can imagine themselves with that person and as I have said many guys, “it is your mind do what you want”.

Why that urge of seeing someone naked? Why pay money for just a glimpse or see all of someone? My answer, human beings curiosity, that need to know, to possess something, even it is not real or physical. In a simple way.

A special pic of a non existant set on the site.

Can someone generate that much attention that will make persons do the impossible to buy something of that person? Her nudes? My answer is YES, it is incredible what people can do to get what they want and it can be seen with all the famous persons. Where they can release anything, any type of product, or put ridiculous things to auction and a lot of persons will pay a lot of money for something that even may be useless. But since they have a name behind, that is enough to make it worth a lot.

But also with not so famous persons, it is amazing to see how normal people is becoming “more important”, don’t know how to say it, but a lot of persons want something from them, both mentally and physically, that is something good that I see of this times we are living, where we are all more connected and anyone can be known worldwide, if they want it.

But, what about your nudes Amatha? Will you sell them?

Have thought about it, as you can see on my Art Section, I have done more explicit content as a muse than what I have done on my Boudoirs, maybe because on the draw interpretation it can be so different since it depends on the drawers vision, don’t know, not sure why I am doing it this way, since on Boudoirs I can and also do it and I can play with that touch of you know it is there, you can see it, but at the end not clear enough, so you have that desire of wanting more.

A more explicit draw where you can see more at the Art Section.

Or it can be also since you really like the body and you have the need of wanting more, so in my case, I like to play with all worlds, clothed, semi nude, full nude, as the session tells me and according to what I want to do.

So, answering the main question, will I sell mu nudes on OnlyFans and through here? the answer is I don’t know.

  • One I think it goes against what I am trying to do, to do this in an artistic way, not just show and say “here is my pussy eat it”.
  • Two, it will be nice to have money for this, that will be nice, but under certain conditions, boundaries must be established. It is easy, you like it you are welcome to buy, you don’t like it, move on, there are a bunch of girls showing whatever you want.
  • Three, to do this Amatha thing has a cost for me, I use my own money to create more of this world that I love, so it will be good to have something in return so I can continue to create more with more ease.

So, yes, amathalovers, I have my doubts, think that I can create more if I have more income, will make it easier, but doing it with the essence that I want to keep, the artistic way.

Anyway, if I start to sell my nudes you will be notified since a New Section will appear here on the site, so who knows, what can happen. Meanwhile stay tunned to this Amatha The Masked Boudoir World of mine, enjoy what you see, enjoy my stories, suscribe so you can learn more about me, tip me if you want to support me and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


Miss Universe, or why not better Miss Weird Universe as I am playing here on this boudoir

Miss Universe, a recognized competition where women are evaluated for beauty and personality mainly, using different types of outfits, from evening gowns to bikinis, where beauty is evaluated, as the way they act, walk, talk, think and almost evaluate everything of all of them through the competition, what does this competition leave you? why it is so important? what do I think?

Hello amathalovers, in this blog entrance I am going to tell why I did a representation of Miss Universe just twisitng it a little with my weird universe, so here I go with the explanation, hope no one gets insulted with my opinion on this..

Posing as Miss Weird Universe. Click for more!!

First of all, lets talk about the recommendations they give to be evaluated, be able to particpate and that they recommend through the whole process in the Miss Universe competition (information taken from Wiki How):

  • Age requirements, from 18 to 27 years old never married and never being pregnant
  • Contestants are judged in three categories: evening gown, swimsuit, and a personality interview
  • Enter the pageant, request access
  • Be in really good shape, take really good care of your skin, no body hair
  • Work with someone who knows, prepare for the interview
  • Have money for your entrance and travel fees, buy expensive makeup, purchase all of your outfits
  • Good behaviour, have a great interview, good relationship with all the contestants
  • Show confidence in your outfits, show your awesome personality, always smile

This is just like a really brief summary of a “guide” they give you to be able to particpate and that will walk you through the whole process.

Good things I see:Bad things I see:
Gain confidence, be more secureWhere is intelligence evaluated, in the interview? Don’t think so.
Love yourselfWhy exclude women for being married and that were pregnant, aren’t they beautiful?
Be healthyNo body hair?, come on
Know a lot of people from different countriesPhysical aspects more evaluated and seen than mind aspects
TravelWhy not show true feelings instead of smiling always?
So happy for winning. Click for more!!

Am I against Miss Universe? No, I’m not. I just think it has to evolve and look more to other aspects that need to be considered to say someone can be that special, I just don’t like that it is that limited and more body focus, with a very poor evaluation of knowledge and personality. From my point of view.

But, thats just my opinion, I hope you like my strange Miss Weird Universe Boudoir, hope you continue to visit this world of mine, to let your artistic touch go beyond just seeing tits, ass and pussy, try to see more inside the person, what is trying to express and not only focus on the body, that expires and it can go really quickly if not taken care.

So just, ENJOY LIFE, focus on more things that just a body. I invite you to suscribe to my blog for more stories of me, to visit my site, with my different boudoirs, support me if you feel like helping me to continue this journey and mainly enjoy The World of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.


Doing a spread fully naked for a painter, WTF was I thinking?

As you have seen amathalovers on my Art Section, I have done pieces of art where I am fully naked and totally spreading my legs, showing there?, Really?, Showing my pussy?, Why? Am I changing? What did I felt while doing this? Why do it? Answers below.

Well, the first time, when I saw the proposal of the drawer I felt and thought, “That posture is only sex”, but seeing it, thinking a little bit on it, doing the shots and seeing the final draw, my idea changed, why was that? Am I taking another path and leaving sensuality to do nudes? So WTF was I thinking when I did this and continue to do it as you may have seen.

First of all, I am just sitting, nothing out of place except I am naked, as explained in this blog entrance, but what was running through my mind while doing this postures showing my pussy?

In some way, and mainly, it was “Well its my body, I am allowing you to see it, you want to see my pussy, well here it is, but with a limit”.

And also amathalovers, the answer is simple, even I am fully nude and spreading, I am still keeping the sensual part I want, why is that? Because the feeling of leaving you, the viewers, wanting for more remains there. I am showing my pussy to all of you, but not as you will like to see it. Is to tell, “Here is what you want so much, so I give you a glimpse, but you won’t be able to see it completely well, you see a partial part of it, seeing doors that won’t open”.

Sorry to say it, but feels so great to create that feel of need, its just incredible to see how a simple thing like that, can create such a chaos and a feeling that they just want more. And not only viewers, males or females, also the same drawers want to draw me more, its amazing how something like that, create that reaction.

I have asked people that have asked me for my nudes, why me?, why my pussy, why my body, since there are so many out there for you to see? Just write in google pussy and a lot will come out for free. So, why me?

The answer, you are a mysterious woman, with a beautiful body, that makes it kind of irresisitible, with a need to know and see more, please I am horny send me more pics, my answer, “NO, I’m not here to please your horny mind and jerk with me, browse through whats available, I’m here to try to model and do something that I like and do for me”.

What do you think about that?

Please understand something, I try to model and enjoyed this boudoir and artistic world, not here for your pleasure. I know what the pics can create and generate in your mind and I don’t even have to be naked, or any women needs to be, to create erotic thoughts on once mind. Thats really easy to do, sex is everywhere and they use it a lot to sell things, a lot in everything, so not doing anything new.

So, if you want to jerk with my pics, fine, go and enjoy, let your imagination flow, do whatever you want, but don’t expect me to follow you on your hornyness, won’t happen. Just let me model, create my part in this world, enjoy it and you, enjoy this world that I create, enjoy it the best way you want, as simple as that.

Honesty from them? Not sure, but at least it feels good to be appreciated. Will it last? Who knows, a lot depend on how things are managed and in my opinion, continue to work hard as I try to do, keeping the sensuality at max, leaving things to the imagination, playing with your minds, creating that need, sorry, but feels great and I think I am achieving a part of what I am looking for.

So please, just follow my world, enjoy it, tip me and help me create, so more can come in different and sensual ways, play with yourself if you want, let your imagination fly, do something yourself, don’t live so much in this virtual unreal world, but just let me model and enjoy this boudoir and artistic world.

Well, thats it, check my boudoirs for more pics, read and suscribe to my blog with more of my opinion, my stories and my world, and mainly enjoy The World Of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. ENJOY LIFE.