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Who I Am

Thought that a little introduction may be needed, besides what I post on my blog, where I put several of the reasons why I am doing this, the way I am doing this, but thought was better to add this on the main menu of the site.

Hello, I am Amatha, I am a female model that loves to do Boudoirs and also Artistic Nudes, but with the difference of being “Masked” to give a different touch to my pics, so NO, you are not going to see my face, please don’t insist, respect and understand what I am trying to do with this idea.

The idea behind Amatha is that anyone can be behind a mask and do this, that all bodies are beautiful, that we should embrace our bodies and love us the way we are, without considering what others may have to say of us, just looking for our happiness and our well being.

Besides that I consider my face to be my most precious possession and using masks helps me get into character to create my own fairy tales and express a message through my pics, not only a pic of a nude girl, but a little more, to let my body do the talking, well I try to do it that way, jajajaja.

Also I think it gives a cool mystical touch to what I do and love how it generates interest and how it helps me to focus more on creating art the way I want to express it.

There are millions of girls doing the same thing, I know, so why not do it with a different approach? why not try to do it different? And that is what I am trying to do as an artist, which I am, to create art with the feeling I want to express. there will be the ones that will like it and understand, the ones who will not understand and dislike it, that is fine, it is art and it depends on perspectives, which is something that I love about this art creative process, to see myself through the eyes of different drawers, different artists, different viewers, think it is pretty cool and love it.

Many persons have approached me wanting to collaborate with me, so if you want to collaborate, feel free to contact me, I am mainly an online model, so we can work through zoom. Payment is required and prices varies depending on what you are looking for, so DM me and lets work together.

And welcome to my Crazy Masked World, I hope you enjoy it as I enjoy creating each one of the boudoirs, videos, draws that I do, I really love this creating process and love doing this, really has helped me to challenge me and grow as a person, so it is not only about nudity, aside that nudity is an art, is the perfection of the human body. It is about enjoying life, doing what I want and sharing it with you amathalovers, share this journey of mine through this crazy world that we live in.

Want to support me? Contact me on how you can do it and enter deeper into my world, you will not regret it!! Have many plans for this Crazy Masked World of mine!!!


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