Can’t stop doing boudoirs while taking a bath, this one on the shower

This boudoir wasn’t planned in some way, but after we finished shooting some of them, all of them have been posted, I wanted to take a shower to rest a bit from a hard working photo shoot day, isn’t it something you also do amathalovers?

So, instead of resting, in some way, I ended up performing a boudoir through the glass of the shower while taking a bath and performing some postures, which I think gave a nice touch to this boudoir, giving that essence that you know I am there, but you can’t see me with the clarity that you will like.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!

So, it was an easy boudoir to shoot, just me playing inside the bath while I was taken photos from the outside and we played with that and I think some really nice pics came from this boudoir.

I think it is different to the ones I have done on a jacuzzi, bathtub part 1 and part II, but this one gave a different touch since the glass and the steam of the water help the boudoir to create another atmosphere; and being these pics in black and white also gives a really nice touch that if we have done them in color, in this set, I really think that it was way better to take this pics in black and white, don’t you think?

Anyway, there is not a big story on this boudoir, the story is what I mentioned, just one question, which boudoir do you think I performed the same day?

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!

So, I hope you enjoy this boudoir, as much as I enjoyed doing it, keep an eye on the new things that will be coming to the site, suscribe to my blog to see what I am up to, check my other boudoirs, the art that I being creating with several artists around the world, tip me if you want to support me in this journey and mainly enjoy my world of Amatha, the Masked Boudoir Model. ENJOY LIFE.


A Hard Working Day, just relaxing at the Bathtub part II

I did a previous Bathtub Boudoir that I tried to link to my Home Office Boudoir, making that boudoir a continuation of the story and felt great amathalovers, so I thought, why not do it again?

So, this part II was done after shooting 4 other boudoirs, so it was a hard working day, with a lot a photo shooting in order to have more material for the site. I know the site is still missing a lot of material, but I am working on it, I promise.

Click to see more of my bathtub part II boudoir!!

So after doing the Love Sofa Boudoir, the Mistress Amatha Boudoir, the Tub Party Boudoir, a new boudoir that will come soon, it was decided to finish the day doing this second boudoir at the bathtub, just relaxing and enjoying my stay in the water.

So obviously, no clothing involved in this boudoir, just me at the bathtub, nothing more and if you notice, it is the same tub used in the Tub Party Boudoir. We tried to use as much as we can the different sections of the room, as we do with different scenarios that we go. Its just taking advantage of the place, can’t afford too much traveling, so we work with what we can and exploid it at max.

But, we also missed to add something to this boudoir, that it is something that I complaint on the part I blog entrance, so it is really probable that there is going to be a part III.

So, I don’t think I have to much to say about this boudoir, just finishing the day, taking some pics, to finally end the day. Just hope you enjoy the pics and my work, as I enjoy doing them.

Also, I will try to bring more stuff to the site, from short videos, to maybe live events for artists that will like to work with me, tip me if you feel you want to help me on this journey, check my Art, my Boudoirs, so just wait for more to come and follow me in this journey of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


End of the day, a well deserved bath after a hard working, accidental, home office day, lets just enjoy

Hello amathalovers

Well, the day comes to an end, an accidental day that I “simulate” to have with my home office boudoir, with my coworkers seeing me in full nude, that fortunately didn’t happen for real, but it almost happen and that is true, it almost happen that same day.

That is what happen when you are so focus doing something and then you just feel normal, even you are naked, and start to do activities without realizing that you may have an accident, like making a videocall to one of your coworkers while being naked.

But as I said in my previous blog entrance, explaining the home office boudoir, I don’t know for sure how I will have reacted if that had happened for real, I’m not going to lie with that, I have doubts about what will my real reaction will be. Honestly I think I will have covered myself and ran away. Has something similar happen to you?, leave a comment an share.

So this boudoir basically is the continuation of that day, even this was shot in another location and another day, since we thought it will be better to do this in a bathtub and not in a regular bath.

Just playing death in my Bathtub Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, yes, after being embarrased, or not, by being seen by all my coworkers, but taking it in the best way possible by showing them that I didn’t care they were seeing me, being proud of my nude body and who I am, accepting that it happened and showing them that I don’t care, well it was better for me to go and take a bath, a well deserved bath, after that event happened.

So we were at a love hotel, wanted to have a jacuzzi for the photo shoot so we look for one, the chosen one was nice and clean so it was ok, we saw different places to shoot for other charcaters, but that will be for another occasion; the bathtub was big enough for me to move freely, water was warm and nice, bubbles felt great, I was really comfortable inside this one, relaxing and enjoying the photo shoot.

So here I just wanted to enjoy the moment, just a woman relaxing after a long day, as many of us have, thinking on how things were going to change after the event, or not, “analyzing” the problem, but basically, I wanted to show that I didn’t care, as said, show them that I am proud of who I am.

Relaxing at my Bathtub Boudoir. A perfect circle!! Click to see more!!

As I being saying, Amatha helps me challenge myself in different ways by doing this boudoirs. So who knows the things that may come, I think that a mixture of things will come, always keeping the sensuality and the artistic approach that I want, but you will have to follow to check by yourself.

Returning to the main comment, just thinking that a bottle of wine will have been nice to have for this photo shoot, I love wine and to show that I was really enjoying the moment it will have been a great addition, but miss that part, for next one, there will be one for sure.

I’m still not going to lie, I was nervous by doing the photo shoot, being completely nude in front of the camera made me nervous and even this boudoir was shot in a hotel room, where no big challenge is comparing on doing them outside, where other eyes can be there, watching, peaking, as other boudoirs that are on the site like my Mountain Boudoir and others that have already been shot and will come real soon, that I am sure you will enjoy and that have challenged me more, but I have enjoyed doing all of them.

So, I don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, just a SPOILER that a part II has been shot and soon will be here; but returning to the main idea, I think the idea is really simple and I try to explain it the best way possible. Check a look at my bathtub boudoir, give me your opinion and thank you for following me in this journey of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.