Christmas has past, but the Evil Christmas boudoir will remain through the whole year

Let me tell you a little bit about this boudoir amathalovers.

We were spending the weekend at a small town, some weeks before christmas, we were near the pool and thought, it looks like a good spot to perform the evil christmas boudoir we have been thinking off? Outside, with some vegetation, by the pool, not the typical chimney or christmas tree, it looks cool, but didn’t want it on this ocassion, so we said YES, lets do it.

So, I went an change, took one of the axes that was hanging from the wall, thought it will be cool and will go well with the boudoir, put on my santa sexy suit and started to think on how I wanted to do this boudoir, get more into the character.

We had the idea, that was mainly why I bought the suit, but we wanted this female santa to inspire something different. We know christmas is all jolly and that, but wanted to give it this sexy and evil touch.

So, I wanted to feel evil, that yes, I enjoy Christmas but I am kinky and I am preparing myself for this time of the year, maybe give Santa the push he needs to deliver the gifts for the kids all over the world or simply I enjoy myself, feeling well for arriving to christmas time and just wanted to feel naughty and thinking what I can do? how will my evil christmas will be? I will be naughty or nice? I thought, “Definitely better naughty”.

See my Boudoir!! Just Click.

So I walk around the pool, imagining my evil deeds, how naughty I will be and maybe how Santa was going to punish me on his arrival. Honestly it was really warm when we were taking this pictures, so it help me some way.

I think the santa suit with the mask we selected for this boudoir gives a great evil combination and you can see my naughty smile all way around, while I just feel the sensuality, imagining those evil deeds that I can perform this time of the year and can’t wait to start with these ones.

Why you don’t go an take a look?, this boudoir is totally free, for the moment, and you can enjoy my naughtiness of My Evil Christmas Boudoir. So take a look and enjoy.