Boudoirs without undies? Why doing them?

If you follow me on Instagram amathalovers, you may have seen that a lot of my last boudoirs I have done them with no undies, even with nothing at all, jus creating art, always keeping the artistic touch.

I know, this type of art depends a lot on interpretation, for many it is just a naked girl showing her pussy, ists or ass, for others it leaves another type of feeling, but the truth is, as other persons have told me, that erotism appears being clothed and naked, so no matter if one is dressed that erotic feelings will appear, so it all depends on what the viewer wants to perceive.

Anyway, I just do my art, my way, I just want to let it flow, be natural, express myself, love myself, that is what any person should feel with yourself, without caring what others may think, jus enjoy your beauty.

That is what boudoirs are about, enjoying ones sexuality, enjoying who we are, our intimate space, where we can be ourselves. for me no matter where it is, I am just me, just act natural and enjoy my moment.

Why doing it this without undies? Well, for me it is just acting natural, I am not thinking that I have no undies, I am just doing what I have to do, it is doing the same like being clothed but here one is naked, that is all, plain and simple.

So when I do this basically I don’t think on what I show and what I don’t show, I just let myself flow during the session and simply enjoy it, just enjoy who you are, that is my main recommendation to all boudoir models or persons that want to experience a boudoir, enjoy yourself.

Of course a good relationship needs to exist with your photographer, both need to be comfortable with one another and also my recommendation, never force things, the more natural, the better.

So, hope you enjoy this world of mine, follow me on Instagram where I post most of my work, if you want to see more, just DM or contact me for information on how you can get my full set of pics and mainly enjoy my Masked World.

Do you remember Jane of the Jungle, Tarzan’s girlfriend?, well I am Amatha of the Forest

This boudoir had a different idea at the beginnig, I was going to play another character, that I will in a near future, but at the end I decided to change it for Jane, Tarzan’s girlfriend, she was in the jungle, the jungle is far away from me, so I prefer the forest, so I am Amatha of the forest with a sexy outfit playing Jane amathalovers.

We used the same location as the Mountain Boudoir and the Assassin prt 2 boudoir, we thought it will fit with the outfit that I wanna try since it is a fluorescent green bikini, yes I used the same boots, so no comments on that; anyway, with the sun rising, the light coming from it, we thought it will make it look really good and I think we managed that. You can give me your opinion with a comment.

So, you know Jane, and elegant refine girl from England that falls in love with Tarzan and that she usually uses long dresses, but then he change to a more “local” outfit, well I am trying to play Jane with the local outfit, just a short green fluorescent bikini and the nature surrounding me, in my case the forest.

A pic of my Jane Boudoir. Click to see more.

So, in this boudoir, the story is pretty simple, I walked around the forest, no vines here to hang and swing around, just the silence of this forest, walking around my forest, with a wind that was pretty strong but it is natural, not artifical sounds like the ones of the cars passing down the road, but they weren’t able to see me, lucky me not so lucky for them, I think, depend on how you see it.

I think I have said it several times that I love nature and just to be in a beautiful place like this, walking in my bikini, taking it off, feeling the cold air through my body, it just feels great and I will be do doing it several times with different characters and different ideas to play with, it is just amazing to do my boudoirs in such beautiful places.

Yes, there is a risk of being seen, since, mainly, we do this in the outside, we don’t ask for permissions for taking this pictures, it makes me nervous to be caught, but challenges me in many ways, and my boyfriend helps me in any way he can, even that with Amatha many peolple is seeing his girlfriend nude and I know he will protect me if something bad was going to happen.

Honestly when we do this boudoirs on the outside, we do thiese ones without insulting anyone by taking my cloth in front of them, no we try to have our privacy since we don’t want to bother anyone with our activity.

Just resting on the log. Click to see more!!

A story of the risk involved, is that during this boudoir, a car parked really close to were we where and I just crouched, since I was naked, trying to cover myself, avoiding to be seen; my boyfriend just look at the guy from the spot we where until he grabbed his car and left. We don’t know what he went to do, but we felt safe. If someone catches us doing this, we are not sure what can happen, one can imagine many things, but we don’t want to know, the least problem is that he or she sees me naked, the worst is if they try to do something bad to us. Hopefully we will not reach that by being careful.

In the other hand, I think this is the hottest boudoir that I have done, I feel it that way, what do you think? You can check my indoor boudoirs or outdoor boudoirs and leave a comment. I don’t mind you seeing.

What I think is that more will come and you don’t know what you can see, the only way is to follow me by suscribing to my newsletter or blog, on this journey and enjoy the world of Amatha, “the Masked Boudoir Model”. ENJOY AND SEE YOU AROUND!!