Coming back from rethinking the purpose of art modeling

Been a while since I write something amathalovers, but I am back!!

Been away for a while, thinking on what I have known of this world, what I don’t like, what I like, if it is convenient to continue doing it or no, and the answer is… YES!!

I left for a while since I was annoyed dealing with “artists” that are extremely sensitive, they can do whatever they want with my pic but I can’t say anything to them because they cry out loud, complain and think “how is it possible that she doesn’t like my view in art”, well this art world is of perspectives, and I am in my total freedom to express I don’t like a draw you made of me in any way and have the right to tell my point of view.

Also was annoyed of some “followers” that block the grow path, since if you don’t do something for them, they get mad and report my work in social media, so my content gets blocked and it is annoying that because of some pervs, one cannot growth because they have low self esteem and confidence issues and live in a fantasy world where they jerk happily from pics of girls they will never know and live in fear of dealing with real women in real life, just pathetic.

So, after giving some points that were in my mind, I think some months if I wanted to continue in this world and my answer is yes because:

  • I love creating art through my body
  • It is like a therapy to me and gives me a lot to me when I am doing the shoot outs
  • I have met really interesting people, true artists
  • If a sensitive artist appear, simply bye bye, go cry somewhere else
  • Annoying followers bye bye, go bother another model

So amathalovers, I am back, have great ideas of some new projects I will come up with, I hope you enjoy and support me in this journey, if you don’t, well there are many nude models there, I just create art with my style.

And for all the true amathalovers things are going to get really cool with artistic nudity my way with some really cool projects that I will enjoy creating for me and for all of you that follow this masked world of mine!!.


Why this “creepy” masks? Why not more “cheerful”?

Some drawers and “fans” jajajaja, have asked, why do you use those creepy masks? why not other type of masks? Why not do your work as other people? And easy, why? Because I don’t want to do it as many other people, I want to do it as I want, with my style and the way I love it amathalovers, so that is the simple reason why I don’t do my boudoirs as many other persons.

But let me retrun to the topic of this blog, with the creepy masks? In my previous blog entrance I talked about, How I select my mask for my boudoirs?, So in this entrance I will answer, why those “creepy” designs?, Again, another revealing story that will help you sleep better at night. by knowing the answer,, I know, I am on fire, jajajaja.

Well, most of my masks are designs taken from the Mexican Catrina, which is a character from their celebration of the Day of the Dead, which is a beautiful festivity, where dead is seen in a different way.

But talking about the Catrina, the summary of her story goes like this: “was a character created to mock mexican high society during Porfirio Diaz presidency and the way they treated other “lower and not so important” persons, so the Catrina was created by José Guadalupe Posada as a character that denies her roots, as a dead woman really well dressed, pretending to be someone he or she is not, that tries to reflect the injustice that existed in those times and then Diego Rivera included this character in his paintings. Thats a short summary of why the Catrina was created.

The character was created to show injustice in those times, but unfortunately, it is known that rejection for other persons, “different persons”, still exists, and it is worldwide, persons that doesn’t go with the flow of society; so why not continue to reflect how I am against the racism, the discrimination, pretending to be someone you are not, etc., so I like to go against the flow, to be how I want to be and show how I think everyone should be, the way they want to be and that their opinion has to be respected.

So, thats why I like to use the Catrina masks, hope the idea behind this masks is now more understandable and you can understand part of the purpose behind this type of masks.

I know, I have used other type of masks, like the Fox Mask, the Black Skull Mask and the Venice Mask, but why I am using those masks?, will be for another blog entrance, meanwhile this huge question mark, that didn’t let you sleep has been resolved and now you can have a calm and better sleep, jajajaja, you are welcome ajajaja.

So well, I hope you continue to enjoy this stories of my world, so suscribe to my blog to know whats up with this Masked Boudoir World of mine, check my Boudoirs to see the my shots, check my Art, so you can see how I have been visualized by several talented artits, tip me if you want to help me in this journey, but mainly ENJOY LIFE.