So many have said, “Want to see you without the Mask”, I have said it before, but, Why the Mask? Why not Unmasked?

I think I have given some explanations on why I am doing this masked? and why I like to keep it that way? So amathalovers, here I go again with a brief explanation on why I am doing this like this.

I am a direct woman, so I will be brief and direct with what I am saying:

  1. The mask helps me play different characters and let me perform boudoirs for each character, it helps me to get involved with what I am trying to represent in each session.
  2. I try to show that everyone can be behind the mask and that anyone can do this, that there are ways to challenge yourself without the fear or the feeling of anxiety of being discovered, like this, you can play around without anybody knowing it is you behind it, or at least only a few ones will know, like my case. So it is only a way, to show that things can be done no matter what.
  3. I am trying to show that everyone is beautiful in any way, its nice to hear that you want to see my face, makes me think you are interested in seeing more than my naked body, but I also think that is just the feeling of knowing with nothing special behind it.
  4. As explained on why this creepy masks?, I also try to show how I am against the world situation, against how women are seen, to say it in one way, as it was done with the creation of the Mexican Catrina, just a way to rebel myself and show how I am against many things.
A pic from my Horror Ballerina Boudoir. Click for more!

Yes, I am a feminist, but not like the extreme ones, thats too much, I believe in the power of women, in how we are able to do many things, all what we wish for, in how we are able to beat anyone in anything, we are capable of so many amazing things and I COMPLETELY BELIEVE THAT, I am just against that mentality that has been created through the years that we are weaker just because we are females.

But, I believe in equalty, that all of us are at the same level, gender, race, color, etc. doesn’t make us any better, not even close, maybe some persons are born with different characteristics, but as they say IF YOU HAVE THE TALENT, EXPLOIT IT, IF NOT IT IS WORTHLESS, well not sure if it goes like that, but for me what makes us better are different aspects that we are made of: like our knowledge, our habilities, our personality, our way of seeing things, how we decide, how we manage real life situations and many other things that doesn’t have to do with how we look and what is at sight, it has to do with what we have inside, saying it in an easy way, or at least, that is what I BELEIVE.

So the mask has a reason, that exists from my point of view and I hope you can respect that. The day I remove my mask, will be because I CHOSE TO DO IT and nothing more, not just because some pervs want to see my face while they are dreaming they are fucking me and just want more “information” for their dream, nop, won’t happen,

A pic from my Tub Party Boudoir. Click for more!

Well, that is what I have to say amathalovers, hope you understand a little more about me and why I am doing this MASKED. What I been thinking is to have more masks honestly, need more to characterize more and create more.

Anyway, check out my Outdoor Boudoirs or Indoor Boudoirs, to see all the Boudoirs I have done, check my Short Vids well you will be able to see me, check my Art Section where you will be able to see the interpretations of me of really talented people around the world, Tip Me if you want to help me in this adventure, will be very much appreciated, and ENJOY MY WORLD OF AMATHA, “THE MASKED BOUDOIR MODEL” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


End of the day, a well deserved bath after a hard working, accidental, home office day, lets just enjoy

Hello amathalovers

Well, the day comes to an end, an accidental day that I “simulate” to have with my home office boudoir, with my coworkers seeing me in full nude, that fortunately didn’t happen for real, but it almost happen and that is true, it almost happen that same day.

That is what happen when you are so focus doing something and then you just feel normal, even you are naked, and start to do activities without realizing that you may have an accident, like making a videocall to one of your coworkers while being naked.

But as I said in my previous blog entrance, explaining the home office boudoir, I don’t know for sure how I will have reacted if that had happened for real, I’m not going to lie with that, I have doubts about what will my real reaction will be. Honestly I think I will have covered myself and ran away. Has something similar happen to you?, leave a comment an share.

So this boudoir basically is the continuation of that day, even this was shot in another location and another day, since we thought it will be better to do this in a bathtub and not in a regular bath.

Just playing death in my Bathtub Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, yes, after being embarrased, or not, by being seen by all my coworkers, but taking it in the best way possible by showing them that I didn’t care they were seeing me, being proud of my nude body and who I am, accepting that it happened and showing them that I don’t care, well it was better for me to go and take a bath, a well deserved bath, after that event happened.

So we were at a love hotel, wanted to have a jacuzzi for the photo shoot so we look for one, the chosen one was nice and clean so it was ok, we saw different places to shoot for other charcaters, but that will be for another occasion; the bathtub was big enough for me to move freely, water was warm and nice, bubbles felt great, I was really comfortable inside this one, relaxing and enjoying the photo shoot.

So here I just wanted to enjoy the moment, just a woman relaxing after a long day, as many of us have, thinking on how things were going to change after the event, or not, “analyzing” the problem, but basically, I wanted to show that I didn’t care, as said, show them that I am proud of who I am.

Relaxing at my Bathtub Boudoir. A perfect circle!! Click to see more!!

As I being saying, Amatha helps me challenge myself in different ways by doing this boudoirs. So who knows the things that may come, I think that a mixture of things will come, always keeping the sensuality and the artistic approach that I want, but you will have to follow to check by yourself.

Returning to the main comment, just thinking that a bottle of wine will have been nice to have for this photo shoot, I love wine and to show that I was really enjoying the moment it will have been a great addition, but miss that part, for next one, there will be one for sure.

I’m still not going to lie, I was nervous by doing the photo shoot, being completely nude in front of the camera made me nervous and even this boudoir was shot in a hotel room, where no big challenge is comparing on doing them outside, where other eyes can be there, watching, peaking, as other boudoirs that are on the site like my Mountain Boudoir and others that have already been shot and will come real soon, that I am sure you will enjoy and that have challenged me more, but I have enjoyed doing all of them.

So, I don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, just a SPOILER that a part II has been shot and soon will be here; but returning to the main idea, I think the idea is really simple and I try to explain it the best way possible. Check a look at my bathtub boudoir, give me your opinion and thank you for following me in this journey of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.


Know more the world of Amatha, on how my feelings are expressed through the boudoir sessions

Hello amathalovers

I talked about me on the previous blog entrance, but I wanted to go a little bit deeper in this entrance, trying to expalin a little bit more of, why I do Amatha?

Amatha is inspired in my feelings and my nightmares and that is why it comes to life. I´m an ordinary woman eager to demonstrate my body and my soul, which I love, thinking that I can transform my desires, by becoming and creating my own fairy tales.

Fairy tales that will take me to play different characters, explore different locations, visit different worlds, where only my mind is the limit, challenging myself in every adventure that I will take.

Why becoming amatha?

Amatha is my favorite performance that arise inside of me, thinking that each woman needs to be erotic and at the same time adding a little bit of mystery, who needs to get out and show it, finding out my own path in boudouirs sessions, without trying to offend anyone, challenging myself in public locations and breaking out the taboo´s locations.

Boudoir done at the beach, click to see more.

In the boudoir sessions, my body tries to talk about all the prejudice that, maybe, each person has or why I can make my own fantasies true, even though I´m not a super model. Amatha is not about lust, it is more like an expression of my soul, transforming my movements such as a van gogh painting.

My body is my own canvas without physical challenges, at this time, trying to portray my sensual imagination by flying away from this restricted world and be free. I would like that each person that saw the pictures, reflects some part of their feelings and love the female nature without lights and cameras, totally natural, only the human body with scars and his own stitches, being able to recover and resurge itself, from the ashes, being able to tell a story of victory.

A natural boudoir. Click to see more.

Thats a little bit more of why I am doing Amatha, I hope you enjoy my pics that I will be taking on this boudoir sessions, feel free to navigate through this ones and why not, send a comment.


Who I am?, Why do it like this? and, Why play Amatha “the Masked Boudoir Model”?

Hello all, I am Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”, and welcome to my website, where you will be able to admire and share my passion for modeling.

I am not a professional model, I do this as a hobby since I also have my normal job where I have to battle with clients the whole day, so this helps me as a “therapy” since I adore being in front of a camera and being taken pictures.

On modeling, I love doing boudoir sessions, I think it feels really great to feel so sensual and play natural, without entering the land of erotism. I’m not going to deny that I love it, but have some troubles doing them so I am challenging myself with Amatha.

A Pic from my Yoga boudoir session, click to see more.

Boudoir is considered to be artistic and I really like that; so the answer to your question is YES, you may be able to see me nude, but in an artistic way not in an erotic or vulgar way. I have no plans on doing erotic stuff.

For erotism, involving all different types, there are a bunch of websites, here I wanted to play this with my likes and share them with those that want sensuality, mysticism, not saying you will see something totally new or different, but I bet you will see something that you will like and keeping the sensual part that I like.

I said that I love boudoir, feeling sensual, but since I was going to do this, I wanted to give it some twist, from my point of view, maybe I am wrong, I thought, why not do boudoirs playing different characters?  At the end, each character, being, or person, has a moment of the day when they arrive home are in some place, want to take a bath or are at some point they just want to feel sensual and things happen, don’t you think?

A pic from my Evil Christmas boudoir, click to see more.

Maybe that can answer your question, why the masks? why not show the face? the answer is easy, I am playing characters and the mask helps me enter the character and perform a boudoir for the character, also I think it helps to keep the mysticism, the essence of the session and I really like it, that way it will help me a lot to play with different characters and ideas that I am sure you will enjoy.

Also, I almost forgot to add, that I also adore nature, so most of the boudoirs performed were shot and will continue to be shot on the outside, in the forest, the beach, lakes, etc., so there will be a mixture of different scenarios, outdoorsindoors, that I think you will enjoy. Preferring the outdoor ones.

So, welcome to my website, look around, enjoy my pictures, and of course enjoy me.

Note: Just one thing, please don’t tell me that you want me in your life, I think it will be better for you to share this with your girlfriend, wife, etc. and it may help you to add a spark to your relation, just use your imagination and if you are alone, don’t worry, you can enjoy me, just don’t tell that to me, but be certain that somewhere there is someone that can do this type of things with you, trust me you can find her, I believe there is someone out there for you.