A Hard Working Day, just relaxing at the Bathtub part II

I did a previous Bathtub Boudoir that I tried to link to my Home Office Boudoir, making that boudoir a continuation of the story and felt great amathalovers, so I thought, why not do it again?

So, this part II was done after shooting 4 other boudoirs, so it was a hard working day, with a lot a photo shooting in order to have more material for the site. I know the site is still missing a lot of material, but I am working on it, I promise.

Click to see more of my bathtub part II boudoir!!

So after doing the Love Sofa Boudoir, the Mistress Amatha Boudoir, the Tub Party Boudoir, a new boudoir that will come soon, it was decided to finish the day doing this second boudoir at the bathtub, just relaxing and enjoying my stay in the water.

So obviously, no clothing involved in this boudoir, just me at the bathtub, nothing more and if you notice, it is the same tub used in the Tub Party Boudoir. We tried to use as much as we can the different sections of the room, as we do with different scenarios that we go. Its just taking advantage of the place, can’t afford too much traveling, so we work with what we can and exploid it at max.

But, we also missed to add something to this boudoir, that it is something that I complaint on the part I blog entrance, so it is really probable that there is going to be a part III.

So, I don’t think I have to much to say about this boudoir, just finishing the day, taking some pics, to finally end the day. Just hope you enjoy the pics and my work, as I enjoy doing them.

Also, I will try to bring more stuff to the site, from short videos, to maybe live events for artists that will like to work with me, tip me if you feel you want to help me on this journey, check my Art, my Boudoirs, so just wait for more to come and follow me in this journey of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.