A fox in my garden? Wait… its me.

Hello amathalovers and welcome to another boudoir story on, why we did this one?

Well, first of all, the fox mask I think it will be used in boudoirs that have like an asian reference, I feel it will fit well in boudoirs that make reference to the asian culture, being one of my favorites since many beautiful things comes from the far eastern land.

So, as many times, we weren’t in our house, we were in a rented house, that had a nice garden near the parking area, in the pictures we were very cautios leaving the car out of the shots, I will use the car in other boudoirs, but for this one, it just doesn’t fit, so maybe that is why some pics you may look that I am too close to the wall and that is the reason.

A pic from my Fox Boudoir. Click to see more!!

What is common between foxes and kimonos?

First of all, kind of nothing, I haven’t seen kimonos with fox images on them, I think most of them have flowrs as design, but I have seen yukatas with several designs of foxes on them (kimono and yukata are japanese clothing), but yukatas are formal cloth for men and kimonos are for women, so even that we thought that we can combine the idea of the kimono with the fox on it.

Why foxes are were in many yukatas designs?

From what I understand, not sure if I am right, you can correct me, the fox is an animal of the forest, called kitsune in japanese, which is used to name that spirit of the woods with a shape of a fox, that is in charge of protecting the forest and the neaby villages. So, in my opinion, you can consider the fox to be the protector of the home and that is why the men wears this image on his back on the yukatas, or I am just wrong with that thinking.

I know it sounds great, but if I am right on my thinking, why leave that responsibility only to the men, why I cannot wear the fox? Well I did in this boudoir, because I am a strong women and I can protect myself as the ones that I love, so I am honored to play the fox in this boudoir to show my strength, my sensuality and why not my tits. Foxes are naked so I don’t see the problem, do you?

A pic from my Fox Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, this boudoir is to show my respect and my love for this special animal, where I love the meaning that it has in the japanese culture; so what better way to represent him that with a fox boudoir.

Hope no one gets mad with this, I am doing it with all the respect that it deserves, but adding my own touch that I think is really important in this life, to give your touch to things and just don’t follow orders that says that things must be done in one way and one way only.

Well, that is what I can say about this boudoir, I hope you like the reason that I found doing this boudoir. Take a look at my boudoirs and my stories behind these ones and mainly, enjoy the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.