What is better for my boudoirs? Black/white or colour pictures?

Black / white or colour pictures?, What is better for my pictures?, What do you think amathalovers? What do you prefer?, Well I will tell you my opinion.

In many boudoir photos, done by many photographers, or most of them, black / white is mainly used and the pictures looked gorgeous, really beautiful and in some others, the less, coloured pictures are used and also look gorgeous. Locations are mostly indoor with few outdoors, but in my case, how to decide what set is going to be black/white and what set is going to be full of colour?

Well, in my opinion, one factor is the natural light. For example, doing outdoor boudoirs, like the Evil Christmas Boudoir, the natural light was perfect, no need for artifical light, it was nearly 10am, and the sun was in a perfect position to give us the light and shadows that we wanted for the shoot, so this boudoir was thought to be in colour from the beginning.

But also doing indoor boudoirs, like the Orquid Boudoir, where we have a nice colour touch to show the orquid with its beautiful natural colour, that in black/ white will have made it look different and we wanted this to look more alive, to give that feeling of life.

Perfect combination of light and shadows on this Orquid Boudoir.

But that doesn’t mean that in black / white won’t look good in the outdoor or indoor, a second factor for me is the character that I am playing at the moment, since in that same location, moments later, we shot the Introducing The Assassin, where the effect of light and shadow also looks amazing for a character that needs to be stealth and deadly. As you can see in the picture below.

Playing in the woods in this Assassin prt II Boudoir.

A third factor can be the background, in my case since I play different characters, I think that colour or black /white pictures can give them a different feeling, so it depends too much on who I am playing.

So, how do we decide what is best for the photo shoot?

In my case, it depends mainly in the character I am playing and the story I am trying to tell behind this one, thats the main thing we consider, of course, while doing the shots we can change the idea, but mainly we already have this one defined and we keep it through the whole photo shoot and I think that we have managed to do a good work, at the moment, what do you think?

I am not an expert in photography, either my photographer is learning to take pictures and I am learning to model correctly, so I cannot tell you many advices on this, but that is kind of the way we have been working and I think we are getting good results, of course, improvements can always be done, both in the photograph and modeling aspect, and we will continue to work to bring you the best sensual photos that we can create so you can enjoy more the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. JUST ENJOY AND LIVE LIFE.