I love it, playing a hard letal Samurai, battle came to an end, resting and boudoir enters the stage

Hello amathalovers and welcome to another short story about my boudoirs.

This samurai boudoir, I have to tell the truth, was done some time ago, when Amatha wasn’t even in my mind, but wanted to try some ideas that we had and went to a small town, with a really nice forest with an old cabin close to it.

A pic from my Samurai Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, one day before, we walked around to see the spots for the photo shoot, found some spots for the boudoir, start making some ideas and the next morning, really early, I started to do the makeup for this boudoir, a full face makeup, since here the idea of the masks wasn’t in our mind.

So, all my face was full of makeup, with eyelashes extesion, some lines drawn on the face, to give a little bit more of charcater; on the clothing I used a small kimono that I have, only cover from the waist above, some bandages to wrap my boobs, that was really difficult to put on and for the dress we basically used a white cloth sheet and of course, one of my friend real swords, jajaja, he loves white arms and kind of me too.

So after the whole set to dress me like a “samurai” was done”, we came out of our cabin and started walking through the forest, first we started at a hill, did some samurai poses, seeing the horizon, just like coming home from the batlle and then we went to the old cabin, like arriving home, just doing some exercise, showng my amazing skills with the sword, which are none, but funny to try, some poses before entering the cabin and then the final shots at the entrance of the cabin.

A pic from my Samurai Boudoir. Click to see more!!

I think we took some good shots, some of them won’t be at the set, but we did a good work, unfortunately the set is to short, time was running and we still had to do other set of pictures of other ideas that we had at that moment, like a Metalhead Boudoir that I won’t be able to publish, but will repeat it soon enough. So, sorry for this set being to short, I still hope you will like it.

I can say that I really like this boudoir, is one of my favorites, I am sure that I am going to repeat it, but with a little more work on it and show the beauty behind the female samurais, even they have existed or not, I am honor to play them and, by saying this, the idea for a Samurai part II Boudoir is on, a lot hotter I can assure you that, but as said keeping the sensuality.

So thats it for this boudoir story, I hope you enjoy this part 1 of this boudoir, since more of the Samurai will come, but for the moment, enjoy my other boudoirs and the world of Amatha, “the Masked Boudoir Model”. See you soon.