Do you remember Jane of the Jungle, Tarzan’s girlfriend?, well I am Amatha of the Forest

This boudoir had a different idea at the beginnig, I was going to play another character, that I will in a near future, but at the end I decided to change it for Jane, Tarzan’s girlfriend, she was in the jungle, the jungle is far away from me, so I prefer the forest, so I am Amatha of the forest with a sexy outfit playing Jane amathalovers.

We used the same location as the Mountain Boudoir and the Assassin prt 2 boudoir, we thought it will fit with the outfit that I wanna try since it is a fluorescent green bikini, yes I used the same boots, so no comments on that; anyway, with the sun rising, the light coming from it, we thought it will make it look really good and I think we managed that. You can give me your opinion with a comment.

So, you know Jane, and elegant refine girl from England that falls in love with Tarzan and that she usually uses long dresses, but then he change to a more “local” outfit, well I am trying to play Jane with the local outfit, just a short green fluorescent bikini and the nature surrounding me, in my case the forest.

A pic of my Jane Boudoir. Click to see more.

So, in this boudoir, the story is pretty simple, I walked around the forest, no vines here to hang and swing around, just the silence of this forest, walking around my forest, with a wind that was pretty strong but it is natural, not artifical sounds like the ones of the cars passing down the road, but they weren’t able to see me, lucky me not so lucky for them, I think, depend on how you see it.

I think I have said it several times that I love nature and just to be in a beautiful place like this, walking in my bikini, taking it off, feeling the cold air through my body, it just feels great and I will be do doing it several times with different characters and different ideas to play with, it is just amazing to do my boudoirs in such beautiful places.

Yes, there is a risk of being seen, since, mainly, we do this in the outside, we don’t ask for permissions for taking this pictures, it makes me nervous to be caught, but challenges me in many ways, and my boyfriend helps me in any way he can, even that with Amatha many peolple is seeing his girlfriend nude and I know he will protect me if something bad was going to happen.

Honestly when we do this boudoirs on the outside, we do thiese ones without insulting anyone by taking my cloth in front of them, no we try to have our privacy since we don’t want to bother anyone with our activity.

Just resting on the log. Click to see more!!

A story of the risk involved, is that during this boudoir, a car parked really close to were we where and I just crouched, since I was naked, trying to cover myself, avoiding to be seen; my boyfriend just look at the guy from the spot we where until he grabbed his car and left. We don’t know what he went to do, but we felt safe. If someone catches us doing this, we are not sure what can happen, one can imagine many things, but we don’t want to know, the least problem is that he or she sees me naked, the worst is if they try to do something bad to us. Hopefully we will not reach that by being careful.

In the other hand, I think this is the hottest boudoir that I have done, I feel it that way, what do you think? You can check my indoor boudoirs or outdoor boudoirs and leave a comment. I don’t mind you seeing.

What I think is that more will come and you don’t know what you can see, the only way is to follow me by suscribing to my newsletter or blog, on this journey and enjoy the world of Amatha, “the Masked Boudoir Model”. ENJOY AND SEE YOU AROUND!!


Looking for her prey, prowling the woods, the hot assassin part II boudoir is ON

As said I love to play this character, check my boudoir here or my explanation of that boudoir here; so returning to this boudoir, everytime my boyfriend or I have an idea for this character it just makes me wanna grab some weapons and start doing things that I don’t want to describe but I am kind of sure that you can imagine, or not amathalovers?

Well, for this boudoir we where at the bottom of a mountain, near its forest, yes the same location as the Mountain Boudoir and we saw it was a good place to play the assassin one more time, which made me really happy, anxious to start and I was asking my boyfriend, what weapon I am going to use?

Unfortunately, I forgot at home the weapon that I wanted to use for this boudoir, so I will leave it as a surprise for the assassin boudoir part 3, because there are going to be many parts, its like Star Wars there are a lot of stories, so here will be the same, returning to the theme, weapon forgot at home, so I used the knife… again.

A pic of my Assassin prt 2 Boudoir. Click to see more!!

What is the story here?

I am a hot lethal assassin, crawling the forest waiting for someone to appear in order to strike, flavouring the moment, playing with the knife between my tits, that just makes me feel so warm, that I just want to strike and let the chaos begin.

Sound like a little bit of a crazy person or a bad horror movie, don’t you think?

Imagine the movie Friday the 13, but me playing Jason, not the nude chic that gets kill in every movie. Just that my personification of Jason likes to have like a sensual ritual by passing the knife, or weapon of her choice, through her body, get naked in the process or not, so yes, maybe in some assassin boudoir I will be nude and this time the naked chic is going to finish everyone, as Jason does in the Friday the 13 movies, but that will be for another boudoir, SPOILERS HERE.

Note: I am not saying that Friday the 13 is a bad movie, I am just taking it as an example.

Can you see the craziness in me? Click to see more!!

What outfit did I where for this boudoir?

Honestly, I used the same boots that I used for the Mountain Boudoir, a black leather short, it wasn’t that short, I think I was wearing a thong, but it wasn’t shown on any of the pics and I was wearing this type of bra, that is not a bra, I can’t recall its name, but in some way it king of tighten my boobs, so in some situations I took them out so they were able to breath, or it was my ritual? Who knows.

And since I am telling SPOILERS, there was a third boudoir shot on this location, my Amatha of the Forest Boudoir, that I can say it is really HOT, maybe the hottest one that I have done at the moment, but keeping the sensuality that I like, wearing a beautiful bikini and also the story behind this boudoir will come later and I think you will really like it, so stay tune to my world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”, ENJOY and SEE YOU SOON!!


What is better for my boudoirs? Black/white or colour pictures?

Black / white or colour pictures?, What is better for my pictures?, What do you think amathalovers? What do you prefer?, Well I will tell you my opinion.

In many boudoir photos, done by many photographers, or most of them, black / white is mainly used and the pictures looked gorgeous, really beautiful and in some others, the less, coloured pictures are used and also look gorgeous. Locations are mostly indoor with few outdoors, but in my case, how to decide what set is going to be black/white and what set is going to be full of colour?

Well, in my opinion, one factor is the natural light. For example, doing outdoor boudoirs, like the Evil Christmas Boudoir, the natural light was perfect, no need for artifical light, it was nearly 10am, and the sun was in a perfect position to give us the light and shadows that we wanted for the shoot, so this boudoir was thought to be in colour from the beginning.

But also doing indoor boudoirs, like the Orquid Boudoir, where we have a nice colour touch to show the orquid with its beautiful natural colour, that in black/ white will have made it look different and we wanted this to look more alive, to give that feeling of life.

Perfect combination of light and shadows on this Orquid Boudoir.

But that doesn’t mean that in black / white won’t look good in the outdoor or indoor, a second factor for me is the character that I am playing at the moment, since in that same location, moments later, we shot the Introducing The Assassin, where the effect of light and shadow also looks amazing for a character that needs to be stealth and deadly. As you can see in the picture below.

Playing in the woods in this Assassin prt II Boudoir.

A third factor can be the background, in my case since I play different characters, I think that colour or black /white pictures can give them a different feeling, so it depends too much on who I am playing.

So, how do we decide what is best for the photo shoot?

In my case, it depends mainly in the character I am playing and the story I am trying to tell behind this one, thats the main thing we consider, of course, while doing the shots we can change the idea, but mainly we already have this one defined and we keep it through the whole photo shoot and I think that we have managed to do a good work, at the moment, what do you think?

I am not an expert in photography, either my photographer is learning to take pictures and I am learning to model correctly, so I cannot tell you many advices on this, but that is kind of the way we have been working and I think we are getting good results, of course, improvements can always be done, both in the photograph and modeling aspect, and we will continue to work to bring you the best sensual photos that we can create so you can enjoy more the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. JUST ENJOY AND LIVE LIFE.


Modeling to be drawn and become a Piece of Art

In this global world where everyone is connected it has become a lot easier to be able to connect and contact with people all around the world and I have had the chance to speak with really talented and creative people that are painters, drawers, illustrators , etc. where I have, kind of model for them, through a photo and they have represent me in their art with their different styles.

So here amathalovers I am going to tell you my experience in this artistic world where I have challenge me a lot doing postures that I didn’t think I will do, but when done, they look so beautiful and normal that I thought “Ok, I like this, think can do more and similar to this”.

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I have posted several pieces of art of me where I have been drawn, by different drawers and where more will be posted.

I have always liked art, its like staying alive forever printed for eternity, so I started to contact some drawers, checking out styles that I liked and since I am a direct woman, I started to talk to them and told them, pretty much at the moment without to many chit chat, if they will like to draw me, with the majority of them saying “yes, how you will like to be drawn?” Answer that I really like and I started to send pictures of me for them to draw, from where the selection of pics I sent they decided which one or ones wanted to draw. Some have some ideas that I considered and evaluated and are like the pictures below.

Started working with them like this.

Now being capable of doing this!

There is a lot of difference from how I started to the way that I can work now, don’t you think? And it has been in a really short time, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to pose spreading over and over again and that I am going to show my pussy everytime, NO, it depends of what we are looking and if it keeps the sensuality I want. That I think we manage to stay in that smooth line between sensuality – eroticism with that pic, what you think? One thing you are thinking is, where is the uncensored version?, well it is not in instagram and not here, yet, just thinking if I post it later.

From a drawers idea I did a full nude set, without thinking on sending him those pictures, but when I saw the pictures at the end, I saw me beautiful, really liked the pictures, just doing something natural, like sitting, that yes, when a woman sits with legs open, her pussy spread, thats completely normal, so why this has to be erotic when I am doing something that many woman do?

The answer for me is that I am not doing something erotic since I am doing something normal, I am acting naturally, yes my pussy is shown at its full but, “Hey! thats the way a woman looks when she is doing things fully naked, like sitting with her legs open”, so, there is nothing wrong with that.

Some persons may said, “that is not a way for a lady to sit”, “this is just porn”, “totally vulgar”, “innapropiate for a lady”, SORRY, SCREW THAT WAY OF THINKING, evolution is coming, I don’t care for your rules and I sit the way I feel comfortable.

In an easy way, just imagine that if I am doing a boudoir, I am in my private room, where I can sit and do as I want, not as some rules on how society wants us females to act because it is “The proper way that makes us look like a true lady”, for me, just bullshit.

I can sit the way I want and do as I want, I will not stay with the old rules and that old thinking that has left us women where we are in society and we are fighting to get out. I think you know what I mean.

And even I am outside, I can do as I please, I am a female, a lady, a tough and strong woman, that follows her own rules and act as I feel good, doing it for me, not for societies rules to see if I am accepted on the way they say is the “correct and proper” way.

Have read some opinions that “boudoirs are done in a private room since no one will go outside in lingerie or nude to different places”, that comment makes me laugh, ask a nudist, as simple as that, there is your no one. For me thats part of the old thinking that I am going against with Amatha. The world is my scenario, a place for me to do my art.

Can say more about my opinion of this lady – no lady idea, on how old and wrong I think it is in many ways and how things have to change, but I think I will leave it for another blog entrance and keep with the main idea here.

But returning to the artistic view, a drawer told me, in his professional opinion what he thinked about this pic, and this is what he told me:

“This is not erotic because you are doing nothing erotic, you just inspire erotic thoughts that turns this to be erotic, because it is impossible not to admire every curve, every single part of that beautiful body”

So, as always, it depends on how you see it. In a men’s thought “there is a beautiful woman spreading where he has to admire every inch of it”, so as always, it seems that I am causing erotic thoughts by doing something normal for me, like sitting spread. World works strange, an even one is trying to do art, because for me its art, you will always have that different views where everyone sees what they want to see, where the horny mind turns art into erotism.

Other drawers have told me that everything depends on the right posture, where you can show anything and by having the right posture it turns artistic, both for the person who is doing it and drawing it, but for the viewer it can turn to be erotic since, in some way, it generates erotic thoughts where they just see a naked woman showing parts of her body. And honestly, lets be real, you can have erotic thoughts without the need of seeing a woman naked, just by using really sexy clothes or even normal cloth, you turn erotic something that isn’t so, its impossible, in some way, not to generate erotic thoughts; so making art is difficult with that smooth lines that you don’t have to cross to keep the artistic approach and even you do something fully clothed, if someone has erotic thoughts then, supposedly, your art can be considered kind of erotic because a guy jerk with it, something unfair. A mind can play with what it sees in many ways, so it is difficult,

But thats part of society, different minds, different perspectives, that I think is ok and necessary, since if everyone think in the same way this will be extremely boring.

So yes, I will continue to do this artistic works, collaborating with different people to be drawn, feel free to contact me if you have an idea or want a muse for a draw you have in mind, we can talk about it; will continue to work with different drawing styles, with different poses, showing who knows and now maybe you are asking yourself, if you will be able to see the real pics behind those drawings?, because reality is or may be different, don’t you think?…

Well… the answer is that you will have to check often the site in order to see if the real pics will be posted, I think there is a high chance that they will, but only by passing by and seeing you will be able to see.

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram for more artistic draws, visit the Art Gallery in here, enjoy my Boudoirs, read the blog with my different stories, tip me so you can support me in this hot and sexy journey and thank you for following me on this adventure of mine of Amatha “The Masked Boudoir Model”, SIMPLY ENJOY LIFE.


Where I am going? Am I achieving my goals? What if everything ends tomorrow?

2020 is past, finally and 2021 is moving and even I think that most of the world wants a magic wand to erase all the sadness that it has brought, ungrateful memories that have surrounded us from last year and part of the actual one; or just simply the thought of getting out of the box and just do what we want.

Sometimes the lost of a dear friend or family member makes you reconnect with yourself and makes you think, am I doing something with my life? Or, have I done something with it?

Well, maybe people here just want to see my butt, my boobs or whatever they want to imagine, but at the end of the conversation, with whoever you choose, either he or she can think, “have I been able to experience? have I achieved my goals or kinky goals? Or fear has stopped me on trying things? Or, my job doesn’t allow me to do it since it consumes a lot of time from me?”

Reality is that those taboos many times block ourselves, work as an excuse and doesn’t allow us to move. I can say that I free my body on the boudoir sessions, and as said, everyone sees and focus on what they want to see. I value my body and explore my sensuality in each boudoir session, what I have small boobs? Maybe, and what! Since many people like huge boobs I have to adapt, NO WAY. I follow my path and play with my body as I want.

For a Jolly moment. Click to see more!!

I may reach 30, 40, 50 or as many years I have left and at the end I have learned that those taboos caused by influences, society or just simply because someone says that things cannot be used or done in certain ways, just block me sometimes and get in my way of expression or what I want to trasmit and I don’t like it. I am working that part to be able to do more.

At the end, I sat every day in an office, well right now doing home office, and I follow a rutinary life, Hopefully, I have Amatha, I feel joy thinking that if I die tomorrow, I was able to experience what is to do boudoirs, with what I want to do, pretending, creating, transmitting to everyone that I love my body and that there are many bodies around for all likes, I am not perfect, none is, but Amatha is my escape to tell and express through pictures and the blogs how I feel.

New pic!! Follow me on Instagram as @amathaboudoirs.

I hope I have the chance to do more pictures in public areas, so I can help remove this bad idea that many persons have of the persons that like to do this, to see us and accept us as we are and why we want to express this sensual side that we love, where my body is a piece of art, my nudity is art and yes, that ego that somehow we feed.

Well amathalovers, that is something that I needed to take out, since some unfortunate event happen and made me think in what I been doing? Hopefully I started Amatha and will continue to do it to express myself, hope to see you on this Masked Boudoir Journey, visit my boudoirs, my blog entries. ENJOY LIFE AND SEE YOU AROUND!