A really small V-kini

Hello there amathalovers, how you been? Well, I been making changes, again, as you can see, so lets bring on this new stage of Amatha, yeiiii.

Also, lets continue with my stories, this is of one boudoir I shoot where I was using an extremely tiny bikini or lingerie, honestly I don’t know how to call it, so I just call it a v-kini, because it is just a piece of cloth in shape of a V where it barely covers what needs to be covered, so it is pretty hot and sexy. A good way to surprise your couple.

Don’t you think it looks small?

Think that using that and being naked can be the same, hahaha, just one move and it will bump out, but as said, think it is a pretty cool lingerie to play with your couple or just for you to feel really sexy with yourself.

This boudoir was shot on holidays, at the hotel room, yes even in holidays I work even when I need rest, so I generally take my Amatha things when I travel, in case we have an idea and we want to create something in the moment, so many times I carry my Amatha emergency kit as a boudoir emergency if needed, hahaha

Don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, well on these holidays, I shoot 6 different boudoirs, some indoors and some outdoors, think I made a good use of my time by creating this beautiful pics.

Now you can check what I have done in this masked world of mine, through the shop, there is everything I have done for you to see, both my boudoirs and artistic nudes are there for you to enjoy in all its uncensorness hahaha

The advantage of posting here is no one can restrict me, #”!%& Instagram, Patreon, Twitter and YouTube for making my artistic life that complicated for following your totally inconsistent community guidelines.

Anyway, I hope you can appreciate this world of mine and welcome to this masked world of mine.


Madame Web, just a bit different

Do you remember Madame Web from Spider Man? Well this is like my twisted cosplay version of her amathalovers, just a little bit different and more sensual, well I think, hahaha.

The outfit here was really simple, just a webbed bikini, totally transparent and I loved it.

The pics were taken in a small town I went to do some home office outside of the city for a while, yes I went to do my normal job, my main job, Amatha is something I will like to do more, but also need to receive something from it, so the more I am supported, the more I will be able to do, in the meantime I will continue this way.

So, after having some meetings, fighting people, I needed to refresh and what is better than doing a boudoir at the rooftop in this beautiful town by taking some half nude pics, hahaha.

So, yes a simple idea, turn into a really well done boudoir, well at least from my point of view and for sure will use this outfit for another boudoir.

Do you want to see the full set?, contact me for details on how you can get it, really simple and cheap for you to know more of this world of mine.

Lately haven’t create new things since many things have happened, but more will come, just stay tuned and enjoy this masked world of mine, see you soon amathalovers.

A fox in my garden? Wait… its me.

Hello amathalovers and welcome to another boudoir story on, why we did this one?

Well, first of all, the fox mask I think it will be used in boudoirs that have like an asian reference, I feel it will fit well in boudoirs that make reference to the asian culture, being one of my favorites since many beautiful things comes from the far eastern land.

So, as many times, we weren’t in our house, we were in a rented house, that had a nice garden near the parking area, in the pictures we were very cautios leaving the car out of the shots, I will use the car in other boudoirs, but for this one, it just doesn’t fit, so maybe that is why some pics you may look that I am too close to the wall and that is the reason.

A pic from my Fox Boudoir. Click to see more!!

What is common between foxes and kimonos?

First of all, kind of nothing, I haven’t seen kimonos with fox images on them, I think most of them have flowrs as design, but I have seen yukatas with several designs of foxes on them (kimono and yukata are japanese clothing), but yukatas are formal cloth for men and kimonos are for women, so even that we thought that we can combine the idea of the kimono with the fox on it.

Why foxes are were in many yukatas designs?

From what I understand, not sure if I am right, you can correct me, the fox is an animal of the forest, called kitsune in japanese, which is used to name that spirit of the woods with a shape of a fox, that is in charge of protecting the forest and the neaby villages. So, in my opinion, you can consider the fox to be the protector of the home and that is why the men wears this image on his back on the yukatas, or I am just wrong with that thinking.

I know it sounds great, but if I am right on my thinking, why leave that responsibility only to the men, why I cannot wear the fox? Well I did in this boudoir, because I am a strong women and I can protect myself as the ones that I love, so I am honored to play the fox in this boudoir to show my strength, my sensuality and why not my tits. Foxes are naked so I don’t see the problem, do you?

A pic from my Fox Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, this boudoir is to show my respect and my love for this special animal, where I love the meaning that it has in the japanese culture; so what better way to represent him that with a fox boudoir.

Hope no one gets mad with this, I am doing it with all the respect that it deserves, but adding my own touch that I think is really important in this life, to give your touch to things and just don’t follow orders that says that things must be done in one way and one way only.

Well, that is what I can say about this boudoir, I hope you like the reason that I found doing this boudoir. Take a look at my boudoirs and my stories behind these ones and mainly, enjoy the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.


How do I select my mask for each boudoir?

The mask is my characteristic touch while playing Amatha and everytime I do a boudoir, I try to wear a different mask, even I have repeated myself since I don’t have a mask for each boudoir, but, how do I choose? Well amathalovers, today I will answer that question that doesn’t let you sleep at night, that keep you anxious, isn’t it exciting jajajaja

Well, first of all it depends on which character I am going to play, maybe you think, “all the masks are pretty the same”, kind of yes, but each one has those minor differences that made them special for each session.

For example, the creepiest one, goes perfect with the Assassin character or an “evil” character, thats what I think.

A pic from Assassin prt II Boudoir. Click for more!

I think it gives a nice creepy touch to the character, that I really like to play to express so many things, making it a perfect match for this boudoir. I also have other masks that can fit this character, but this one is my favorite, I feel it really special.

For a more tender and sexy situation, where I try to seduce you with my hotness and all of that things, well I think I have different choices, like the ones I am showng you below:

A pic from my Amatha of the Forest Boudoir. Click for more!

A pic from My Love Sofa Boudoir. Click for more!

I also have other options that I use not that often, need to find better situations for what the masks express, or at least what I feel they expressed, in order to use them more often, but I’ve been using them whenever I can and try to do a mixture with them with my characterizations, that I hope you like.

And a really special mask, is my Fox Mask, really different from the other ones, that I use for pretty special ocasions, specific themes and I have used in one of my favorite boudoirs.

My Samurai Boudoir. Click for more!

I really like this boudoir, really like to play the Samurai, so believe me, more will come with this charcater.

I think the explanation is pretty simple, not rocket science, it is just what I feel is needed for the boudoir with what I have available, making the best of them and making me look really cool for each boudoir or art pose that I do, I really love to play and to be The Masked Boudoir Model, jajajajajaja.

So, hopefully later I will be able to increase my collection of masks, not seeking that at the moment, so later, from time to time, more masks will be coming, so wait for them and expect the unexpected from my crazy world of Amatha, the Masked Boudoir Model.

So just, ENJOY LIFE, I invite you to suscribe to my blog for more stories of me, to visit my site, with my different boudoirs, support me if you feel like helping me to continue this journey and mainly enjoy The World of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”.