The sea, the sand, the waves and me, just feeling the beauty of nature on this day at the beach

I love the beach, the sand, the sun, the sea, the breeze, just laying there getting tanned, it is a magical place for me, so went on a trip, no tours, auto agenda and yes amathalovers, I finally went to my first nudist beach.

Just before I start to tell what I felt during this boudoir, this trip was about 8 months ago, on autumn, few persons, low season and Amatha wasn’t really on sight, there was an idea, but not complete, but I had in my bucket list that I wanted to go to a nudist beach, so he took me and we decided to take some pictures while being here.

So, honestly at the beginning I was really nervous on taking my bikini off, I was like I am going to do it but I don’t want to, but when I saw other guys nude I felt more confident and I started to play with my bikini until, ups, the thong fell down.

So, entering more like a comfort zone, I removed completely my bikini, it was a one piece bikini, really sexy, kind of slutty, I called it my “slutkini”, so I started by taking the chains off that hold the thong, then taking off the bra and nothing on me, fully naked at the beach, finally I was at a nudist beach, completely nude, feeling the sun, feeling the breeze of the sea in my whole body, it was amazing.

So in this boudoir, there is not a magical story, it is the story of me fulfilling a point on my bucket list, feeling great by finally doing it, I can say about this boudoir that I use 3 different types of clothing.

The one piece bikini that I removed from the beginning, that you cannot see that I have since all the pics where I am fully naked were taken after this bikini. Then we have the long kimono with the hat, that you can see in the picture above, where you can see the wind blowing my kimono leaving my butt in the air and finally the topless shots, that you can see since the thong of the bikini can be seen in the pictures.

At the end, I was extremely comfortable while doing it, honestly I have no idea who saw me, I was so comfortable that I didn’t care, I really enjoy this boudoir session and I am really glad that I did it and experience it, but I have to tell you something.

We return to this beach in another day, to repeat the experience, but the beach was really crowded, but no one was nude, absolutely no one was nude on a nudist beach, what is that!! so I didn’t felt I wanna get nude since no one was naked, I just felt I didn’t want to do it.

One thing about this boudoir is that almost all the pics are taken from the back, since I am not wearing a mask, so sorry amathalovers, Amatha is the Masked Model, not the normal model, so most tit shots and pussy shots are out of this set, hopefully in a near future I can share with you some shots at the nudist beach as Amatha, so follow me to find out but in the meantime you can check my other outdoor boudoirs that are really hot.

Well, still with that we got pretty good shots, I hope you can take a look at my boudoir and continue to enjoy the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. See you soon.


I love it, playing a hard letal Samurai, battle came to an end, resting and boudoir enters the stage

Hello amathalovers and welcome to another short story about my boudoirs.

This samurai boudoir, I have to tell the truth, was done some time ago, when Amatha wasn’t even in my mind, but wanted to try some ideas that we had and went to a small town, with a really nice forest with an old cabin close to it.

A pic from my Samurai Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, one day before, we walked around to see the spots for the photo shoot, found some spots for the boudoir, start making some ideas and the next morning, really early, I started to do the makeup for this boudoir, a full face makeup, since here the idea of the masks wasn’t in our mind.

So, all my face was full of makeup, with eyelashes extesion, some lines drawn on the face, to give a little bit more of charcater; on the clothing I used a small kimono that I have, only cover from the waist above, some bandages to wrap my boobs, that was really difficult to put on and for the dress we basically used a white cloth sheet and of course, one of my friend real swords, jajaja, he loves white arms and kind of me too.

So after the whole set to dress me like a “samurai” was done”, we came out of our cabin and started walking through the forest, first we started at a hill, did some samurai poses, seeing the horizon, just like coming home from the batlle and then we went to the old cabin, like arriving home, just doing some exercise, showng my amazing skills with the sword, which are none, but funny to try, some poses before entering the cabin and then the final shots at the entrance of the cabin.

A pic from my Samurai Boudoir. Click to see more!!

I think we took some good shots, some of them won’t be at the set, but we did a good work, unfortunately the set is to short, time was running and we still had to do other set of pictures of other ideas that we had at that moment, like a Metalhead Boudoir that I won’t be able to publish, but will repeat it soon enough. So, sorry for this set being to short, I still hope you will like it.

I can say that I really like this boudoir, is one of my favorites, I am sure that I am going to repeat it, but with a little more work on it and show the beauty behind the female samurais, even they have existed or not, I am honor to play them and, by saying this, the idea for a Samurai part II Boudoir is on, a lot hotter I can assure you that, but as said keeping the sensuality.

So thats it for this boudoir story, I hope you enjoy this part 1 of this boudoir, since more of the Samurai will come, but for the moment, enjoy my other boudoirs and the world of Amatha, “the Masked Boudoir Model”. See you soon.


A normal home office day, just working, some videochats, but what can possibly go wrong on my normal job combining it with a boudoir?

This session was kind of strange amathalovers, since this is my first session where I performed a FULL NUDE for the website, so I wanted to explain what I felt during the session and explain the concept of this one.

I try to explain the transcription of all the boudoirs to try to give an idea on why I am doing each one of them, some of them have more thought, some are done just because it feels like the time to do them, so now it is the time to explain the Home Office Boudoir, one where I am totally nude, so…

First of all, even I am wearing a mask, it is kind of hard for me to do this boudoir sessions, as I have explained in other entrances of the blog, on why I am challenging myself with Amatha. since I like the sensuality and the way I feel in the sessions, but sometimes is hard to perform in front of the camera and the idea that I was going to be fully nude on most part of this one made me feel kind of nervous.

So here is the story…

The idea of the boudoir is pretty simple, play a normal woman working on her lap, being comfy with her lingerie…

, till the point that she decides to take everything off and continue to work totally naked.

Then she sees that she has a videochat and run over to get a shirt to take the call

, the meeting takes place, everything is fine

, it comes to and end, but at this moment the cell phone rings

, making her forget that the cam is on, so she stands up, with nothing below, talks on her phone with the cam on

, with her coworkers enjoying the view without her noticing it.

The call ends, she undress to return to work and ups…

she notice that her coworkers are seeing her, totally naked,

so being shy but not so much, she continues to walk to the lap, sit down with her tits out, chat a bit with them,

say goodbye and close her lap, just thinking, how did this happened?

Will another “accident” happen? Only following me you will see.

As you see the idea was simple and in some way make it appear that it is something that can happen to any of us, since several of us, are living this situation and working from home due to the virus. Did you like the way I made it like a comic, with images and descriptions? Maybe not the best but I think was a nice try.

Do you want to know the funny part? That it almost happened for real. After the boudoir session, I really had to work and was working fully naked. I was talking with a coworker about job things, usual problems, now a little bit more about a normal day for me, and I nearly video called him to see in a better way the problem, but fortunately for me, I realize that I was completely nude, my tits will have been show lived and honestly, I avoid something that could have been kind of embarrasing, since with Amatha I was brave, proud of myself and went naked to chat with them, but in real life, with something like that, I think that I will have ran over and hide, I’m not going to lie, I am pretty sure I will have done that.

What would you have done in a similar situation? Will you let your coworkers see you naked, will run away or will you cover yourself? Leave a comment and share with me.

But well, this boudoir is the first one where I am showing everything, it was hard for me to do it, but at the end, I feel sensual, natural, comfortable with me, like all of us should feel with ourselves, not entering any erotic territory, enjoying my nudity, so I really liked the boudoir and I hope you enjoy it too.

So, follow me in this Masked Adventure and ENJOY WITH ME!!

Till the next one.


Do I feel pretty?… Of course I do, like everyone should do

Hello amathalovers

Have you ever feel insecure or have you think that your body doesn´t fit in according to the world stereotypes? As a woman in each part of our life we feel that, being tinny, huge, tall, skinny, not having perfect boobs, not having a huge or perfect butt, etc.; being our body obviously seen in our normal job or just by walking around, makes 67% of all women feel insecure, making 27% of them go for plastic surgery to arrange those “issues”.

And come on, of course I’ve been thinking on that too!! but why I cannot do it right now? Because one of my physical goals is to transmit that my body is gorgeous, my boobs are beautiful, my butt is gorgeous and even if I´m not a super model, Amatha raise on me and says that each body is extremely sensual ( in my case being very disciplined in exercise and eating healthy) but that is me!

A pic from my Beach Bikini Boudoir. Click to see more!!

And everyone should feel pretty with their own body. Sometimes my friends told me that they like the super models but some of them think that they are so skinny without having enough meat to grab. At the end, tastes are different and valid in every way, but times are changing and fortunately, a lot of persons are accepting the different types of bodies and sizes, leaving the old stereotypes away.

In my boudoirs, no makeup is used, everything is natural, if I have mosquito bite or something on my skin, we don’t cover it, we don’t cover those “imperfections” because it is natural to happen, perfection is out of the equation here in Amatha, it is about being natural and in my case, creating my own fairy tales as I wish in this boudoir world.

In my opinion all bodies are beautiful, in my case with Amatha, I show how much I love my body through the fairy tales that I do on each boudoir session. Each person must believe in his ways, in the physical goals that you have, just think that you are beautiful, be happy with who you are and accept yourself. It´s your way, it´s your life, enjoy it and express it.