Flowers, my personnel piece of garden, love Orquids and Boudoirs

I think this Boudoir has been seen a lot, not sure if liked to be honest, but it is not because I am showing all, it has since it is elegant, beautifully done by the combination of light and dark shots and it represents in a beautiful way what a traditional boudoir can be, don’t you think amathalovers?

This boudoir was pretty simple, just a nice white corse and my beautiful orquid, I love orquids, not my favorite flower but they are really beautiful. The first position is for other 2 flowers, which I will use later on other boudoirs, just being honest. Can you guess what flowers I am talking about? Leave your answer and who knows, maybe you will win a surprise fom me.

This boudoir was shot in a small room, near to the window so we can play with the natural light and we were ready to shoot! Just need to be careful to not fall through the window because it was open and will have fall some meters, but fortunately I was careful. I am saying this since sometimes I am kind of impulsive while being excited and things have happened.

Orquid Boudoir. Click to see more!

So, several shots were taken while I was playing with my Orquid, in a none sexual way, don’t imagine weird things, I was just admiring its beauty and yes, also playing with my corset.

There is not such a deep story in this boudoir, just to show the importance and beauty of orquids, but also, my orquid has a special name, which is about a goddess of beauty, love, fertility, war, etc., do you have an idea which godess I am talking? Leave your answer.

Maybe I try to play a little bit of her in this boudoir, which will later will be done in a most particular way, with a most particular characterization, but mainly wanted to show the beauty in this world.

Well, I don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, I just hope you like it, that you enjoy the pics, you can check my other Boudoirs to know more of my world of Amatha “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE!!


Know more the world of Amatha, on how my feelings are expressed through the boudoir sessions

Hello amathalovers

I talked about me on the previous blog entrance, but I wanted to go a little bit deeper in this entrance, trying to expalin a little bit more of, why I do Amatha?

Amatha is inspired in my feelings and my nightmares and that is why it comes to life. I´m an ordinary woman eager to demonstrate my body and my soul, which I love, thinking that I can transform my desires, by becoming and creating my own fairy tales.

Fairy tales that will take me to play different characters, explore different locations, visit different worlds, where only my mind is the limit, challenging myself in every adventure that I will take.

Why becoming amatha?

Amatha is my favorite performance that arise inside of me, thinking that each woman needs to be erotic and at the same time adding a little bit of mystery, who needs to get out and show it, finding out my own path in boudouirs sessions, without trying to offend anyone, challenging myself in public locations and breaking out the taboo´s locations.

Boudoir done at the beach, click to see more.

In the boudoir sessions, my body tries to talk about all the prejudice that, maybe, each person has or why I can make my own fantasies true, even though I´m not a super model. Amatha is not about lust, it is more like an expression of my soul, transforming my movements such as a van gogh painting.

My body is my own canvas without physical challenges, at this time, trying to portray my sensual imagination by flying away from this restricted world and be free. I would like that each person that saw the pictures, reflects some part of their feelings and love the female nature without lights and cameras, totally natural, only the human body with scars and his own stitches, being able to recover and resurge itself, from the ashes, being able to tell a story of victory.

A natural boudoir. Click to see more.

Thats a little bit more of why I am doing Amatha, I hope you enjoy my pics that I will be taking on this boudoir sessions, feel free to navigate through this ones and why not, send a comment.