As pure and well behaved as a Lotus Flower, jejeje

It has been a while Amathalovers but I have been like crazy with aspects of my normal life that I haven’t had chance to write anything for the blog, but I will try to write more often.

You know I have made changes to my site, needed to do them since many things have happened and it has become more than necessary to do it this way. Honestly I have been tricked some times for my work without receiving anything in return, so in order to stop this, at least a bit, this is one of the reasons I made the site this way and that is something that I will leave for another blog entrance.

But, lets return to the main point here,.. This boudoir was a boudoir I did on a room where a lotus flower was used as decoration, so I thought it will be nice to use it and do a boudoir with it. I love and respect budism, I am some myself, so I really respect doing this boudoir with the beautiful lotus flower on the wall.

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So, the outfit is plain and simple and yes, I have used it for another boudoir, just without the thong hahaha, it was for the Horror Ballerina Boudoir, where I used the mini skirt for my “horror dance”. Will talk about that boudoir in another time, so the outfit was a black thong, the transparent mini skirt and thats all, with my tits out all the time.

So, all was focused on the lotus flower and me posing aside it, really cool and loved it.

Did you know that a simple definition of the lotus flower will be “that it symbolizes the triumph of the spirit over the senses, meaning wisdom and knowledge. A flower that never shows what is inside it, since it is mainly closed, being a flower that goes from the mystical part to the spiritual one“.

Just love it!! Kind of feel like me while doing this masked and not showing fully who is behind this, keeping things to the mystical part, really like that and think it matches with what I try to do. Well, at least, that is my opinion hahaha.

Yes, many get dissapointed when I tell them that I will never removed my mask, many have doubts of who I really am, if I am real, even some have doubts of me being a girl, simply ridiculous; but at the end part of their strategies to see if they convince me by some means to see if I take it off, unfortunately without having positive results for them.

I think I am mxing things here, but I really loved this boudoir because I think it kinda represents a bit of what I try to do with Amatha, this mystical masked female model. LOVE IT!!

But, I think I don’t have to much to say here, just that I really like it, hope you check out the other things I am doing. I am really trying to create more material, create more, let you see more of me so you can see I am real hahaha… But mainly enjoy this Masked World of Mine and ENJOY LIFE!!

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


Changes are needed and the time has come for me to do them

Hello amathalovers, been sometime that I haven’t post something , but been thinking on this for a while and have decided to modify things around here.

Changes are needed and it is about to change things here. I am an artistic model, enjoy doing boudoirs and nude art, my nudes try to be artistic, show more than just a nude, so I am expanding my site including more material than before, nudity will be shown, since I have learned that nudity is art, at the end is the appreciation of the human body, being all bodies beautiful and art can be visualized in many ways, for some may be hornyness, for other ones may be art and for some others they will be able to appreciate something else.

But that doesn’t mean that I will leave everything open for all eyes to see, it feels good when people tell me that I am beautiful, that I have a great body, that I am very creative on what I am doing and all of those things, feels good, I really appreciate it; but I need to eat and being flattered only feeds my ego but not my stomach.

To do Amatha cost me money, need time to do it, invest on clothing, spots to shoot, masks, photo and video edition, etc. and I can’t afford to be absorbing all the cost of doing this, so it is easy, want more, feel free to subscribe to my page.

But, I will leave some things FREE in here, like a FREE TRIAL, sorry guys, but it is needed in order for me to create more and do so many things I have planned for Amatha, so if you want to see more of me in many different ways, in this artistic and crazy world of mine, I invite you to suscribe to my page, where you will have access to many hot boudoirs, artistic nudes, be able to compare art, between the actual draw or paint with my real pic, so you will be able to see how the artist created his or her vision, hot videos, behind the scenes and many more things will come.

But everything will be done as I has always said, keeping sensuality at max. I DON’T DO PORN, DON’T EVEN ASK.

So, I made up my mind, decided this is the best thing to do, I appreciate you for following me, the comments of support, I really love you amathalovers, but I need more to be able to keep doing this, just being honest.

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


Feels cool when people approach and they tell you how you inspire them

Honestly amathalovers I wasn’t expecting any of this, but sometimes it happens that someone approaches me and ask me for advice on what they want to create or ask my opinion on the art they are creating or they ask me what maked me do this the way I do it and in some way they get inspiration from this, so honestly I am not going to lie that it feels good when ones “work” helps people in some way, in a good way, it feels cool!

It is not that there are a lot of persons telling me this, but even if they are a few, it feels good that your “work” is appreciated in a way that you are trying to show, where people really see the artistic touch and they not only see a naked girl. Well they see a naked gril, they appreciate me, but they also see more on what I am trying to do and that feels nice.

A pic from my Greek Goddes Boudoir, click for more!

I consider myself a newbie in this world, still have a lot to learn and that will never end, learning process never stops, but been learning, now think I know a little bit more of this world and if I can share my point of view or kind of my “experience” with persons that are interested, in a real way, it will be my pleasure to help.

Have had the chance to tell or share my opinion to different models, to different drawers or artists, to some photographers and it has been weird since I think I don’t know that much, but what I have told them seems it has worked; and I think that it is because it is always good to have different perspectives, different points of view, and I think it helps that I am the masked woman and in some way, I am trying to do things in a “different” way. Can’t tell I am original or that I am doing something new or different, but at least I think I am trying to give my touch to what I do and it is shown on the pics that I create and that is something that many persons like and thank you for that.

A pic from my Web-kini Boudoir, click for more!

So, it is not that I try to inflate my ego by saying that I am getting recognition for my “work” and I am putting work with quotes since I have said in another blog entrance that this is my therapy, maybe in a future will change but will see, I will be happy if it happens. I am happy since my “work” is reaching different kind of people and my “strange” style is getting recognized and I like it, at the end I am doing this to challenge myself, but also feels nice when someone tells you “hey, great jo, beautiful pic, beautiful body, love the masks, keep doing what you do, etc” and this also carries that some persons approach and tell me “what do you think of…”

Maybe I am exaggerating by saying I inspire poeple, not many people but a few, but in some way if I help them to gain courage, to challenge their fears, to improve in some way, I feel real good by doing it. Just remember mine is just an opinion, what may have work for me maybe won’t do for you, but it is good to hear or read other peoples minds.

A pic from my No Undies Maid Boudoir, click for more!

Anyway, I just wanted to express how I feel and that I will continue to play Amatha, think it has open me a new world and I like it.

So, I hope you continue to enjoy my artistic world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, here everything is uncensored, maybe soon some changes will come, not to censor things, but yes in other type of things that I think will help me on this difficult world, so tip me if you want to support me, but mainly ENJOY LIFE.

New outdoor boudoirs coming soon

I am so happy to announce amathalovers that soon I will be able to create more boudoirs outside since really soon will go on a trip where many natural escenarios will be present, so hopefully I will be able to do several photo shoots outdoors, where it is more exciting and where I can feel more free.

The covid situation has frozen this situation a little bit, at least for me, so since now the situation is starting to become more “normal” it is easier to go to different places and do this outside. That makes me really happy!!

A pic from my Amatha of the Forest Boudoir, click for more!!

What new boudoirs will you be able to see? What ideas are going to take place?

Well, that is something you need to wait for, several ideas will try to be done for the boudoirs I have in mind, plus some pending work I have with several requests of different drawers, hopefully they will not get mad with me for the delay and my Art Section will have more and more beautiful artwork of different visions, different styles, different ideas, that is something I can’t wait for it to happen.

When will you see this new boudoirs?

Hopefully in July or August of this year, not so far away, just take the pics, select the ones that will be shown, do the normal edition of these ones, upload them to the site in some chronological order or something like that and ready to go, ready for you to see and enjoy!!

A pic from my Climbing Boudoir, click for more!!

So, I am very excited since soon I will be able to do more boudoirs outside, love the experience, love the feeling, love what it generates in me, since it is a challenge and it defies me a lot and I am more than welcome to face it.

I think that in one blog entrance I will described in more detail how my boudoirs are managed? The process inside one of my boudoir sets, but for the moment I just hope you enjoy my creations.

So, continue to enjoy this Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” world. check my Boudoirs, my Vids, my Art, tip me if you feel you want to support me and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


Flowers, my personnel piece of garden, love Orquids and Boudoirs

I think this Boudoir has been seen a lot, not sure if liked to be honest, but it is not because I am showing all, it has since it is elegant, beautifully done by the combination of light and dark shots and it represents in a beautiful way what a traditional boudoir can be, don’t you think amathalovers?

This boudoir was pretty simple, just a nice white corse and my beautiful orquid, I love orquids, not my favorite flower but they are really beautiful. The first position is for other 2 flowers, which I will use later on other boudoirs, just being honest. Can you guess what flowers I am talking about? Leave your answer and who knows, maybe you will win a surprise fom me.

This boudoir was shot in a small room, near to the window so we can play with the natural light and we were ready to shoot! Just need to be careful to not fall through the window because it was open and will have fall some meters, but fortunately I was careful. I am saying this since sometimes I am kind of impulsive while being excited and things have happened.

Orquid Boudoir. Click to see more!

So, several shots were taken while I was playing with my Orquid, in a none sexual way, don’t imagine weird things, I was just admiring its beauty and yes, also playing with my corset.

There is not such a deep story in this boudoir, just to show the importance and beauty of orquids, but also, my orquid has a special name, which is about a goddess of beauty, love, fertility, war, etc., do you have an idea which godess I am talking? Leave your answer.

Maybe I try to play a little bit of her in this boudoir, which will later will be done in a most particular way, with a most particular characterization, but mainly wanted to show the beauty in this world.

Well, I don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, I just hope you like it, that you enjoy the pics, you can check my other Boudoirs to know more of my world of Amatha “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE!!