Why art is so censored when there are worst things out there?

Social media guidelines are sometimes just full of nonsense, since a lot of material shouldn’t be allowed and it is at plain sight, and other material, like art, has several restrictions, why is that amathalovers?

My first account on Instagram @amathaboudoirs was blocked with pictures that doesn’t have anything sexual at all, guess what? Well, the answer, close ups of my masks, just ridiculous and also when making my pictures a grid, yo know, diving them like a puzzle and several of those pieces were banned where nothing was being shown. Instagrams algorithm saw my pics as sexual content when there was NO sexual content on it.

So, I created a second account @amathaboudoir which is still active, but with warnings from Instagram that my account will probably be blocked since I have done the following violations:

Lets talk about them!

  1. A close up of my pussy that you can see in the Art Section, but is this not art? Well, this draw was done digitally. It was a series of draws that I did with the drawer dividing my body in parts to show the beauty of the female body.
  2. A draw done first by hand and then arranged digitally of me posing against a wall fully naked. Why is this not art?
  3. This is the most ridiculous of them, they removed my story since they told me “I was selling sexual services”. Just plain stupid, I am a model, or try to be one, not a prostitute. the picture is me laying on a couch, censoring my tits with some stickers I put of me being “foxy”. Just lame.
  4. The most recent one, they accept the post I did for the National Nude Day, but they didn’t accept my story since it is sexual, my question is, why it was accepted on the post and not in the story since it is the same pic?

Anyway, that made me create a backup account since maybe my main account may be blocked again, being this one @amathamaskedmodel but this one being private, so it can only be access by people I authorized in order to avoid persons that report art as something innapropiate. Can’t block Instagram algorithm, but will try to avoid problems with it.

The funny thing is that Instagram accepts a lot of explicit content on their site, both draws and normal pics, it is just amazing how their algorithm can judge so bad. There is a lot of explicit content out there being extremely sexual and nothing happens.

You just see how the people that do them just put a minimum censor on this ones, or put a front pic as an 18+ warning and then full show, or in normal pics, just having a transparent cloth allows you to post the pic since your nipple is “not as visible”, just it doesn’t judge correctly, hope they fix that up, because what several persons are trying to do is ART, at least that is what I am trying to do, to show the beauty of the female body, to accept yourself, to empower yourself, to face your fears, etc.

It is just so unfair that you get blocked and all of your work goes to the trash and you need to restart from 0 again, with nothing, just because of PURE NONSENSE.

But, unfortunately there aren’t to many options to do this without the restrictions, or do you know of any social media that is more open? aside from Twitter. If you know, please let me know.

Anyway, will continue to work hard, to do my part on this artistic world that I really like, by doing Boudoirs and being a muse for several different artists all over the world and form part of this world of Art that I really love.

So, I hope you continue to enjoy my artistic world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, here everything is uncensored, maybe soon some changes will come, not to censor things, but yes in other type of things that I think will help me on this difficult world, so tip me if you want to support me, but mainly ENJOY LIFE.


Let’s bring the party to the jacuzzi and let’s bring this down

Have you ever been in a jacuzzi party amathalovers? Bet you have liked it and I bet you want to be in this one with me.

The idea of this boudoir was plain and simple, enjoy the jacuzzi and party as crazy as I wanted to do it, just me, the jacuzzi and my crazy mind.

So, for this boudoir the outfit was simple, my mask which was kind with the look of an evil-naughty one, a thong from a bikini I have, a short underboob sparkling blouse and thats all, just move around the jacuzzi and enjoy the photo session.

A pic from my Tub Party Boudoir, click for more!!

Why the jacuzzi wasn’t full with water?

Because this set was also used for the Bathtub part II Boudoir and we did this boudoir before that one and wanted to give a different touch, felt it was going to feel the same way as the other one if the jacuzzi was filled. I have to add, that at this hotel room we shot 5 different boudoirs, a hard working day, can you imagine which boudoirs I am talking about? You already know 2 of 5.

So, maybe you will have liked it more hotter, but for me it is hot enough, I enjoyed doing it and that is how I wanted to leave it, felt comfortable with the work I have done.

Fortunately I am getting more experienced with this and the boudoirs are being done with the quality I am seeking, with room of improvement of course, and we are doing them quickly enough so during the day we can shot several of them using the scenario as much as we can, since it is better for us, since we explode the place at maximum.

So, not too much to say amathalovers, just enjoy as much as you can and if you are with someone on an special place, make your imagination fly and used that place to its maximum, don’t destroy or do bad things, just use very corner as you want and your imagination is the limit, explore together, paly together, it is awesome when you are able to do things that way.

I just have to invite you to take a look at my other Boudoirs, check the small Vids I been doing, check the Art I been creating with other persons, I invite you to Tip Me if you feel like supporting me on this boudoir adventure and mainly, enjoy my world of Amtha “The Masked Boudoir Model” and as said ENJOY LIFE.


A hot Dominatrix, call me Misstress Amatha

All of us have kinky dreams of things we will like to try, at least once, mixtures of fantasies that fly around the mind, making you think, how will that feel? So amathalovers, I wanted to try being a mistress, you know, the ones of the BDSM world, so why not do a boudoir being one.

NOTE: Don’t expect explicit content, I wasn’t playing with a slave or anything like that, was doing this with my touch.

So yes, got kind of an outfit for this, with many things I already have, got some: gloves, tights, a corset, high heels, some “toys”, everything in black, since most of the outfits I have seen for mistresses are in black. Maybe not the typical outfir for a mistress but worked well for me in this boudoir, sensual, sexy and naughty.

A pic of my Mistress Boudoir, click for more!!

So, for all of those that don’t know, what is BDSM?

BDSM stands for Bondage-Sado Masoquism, a sexual practice, in many ways, that includes several of different ways of playing, from humiliation to kind of tortures, to put a little of spice on the foreplay, just to define it on a plain and simple way, it is a huge world, where many people play, or make it a way of living.

Spanking, wax, tickles, bounding, gagging and many other type of practices in this world are used. So, what toys was I using here and what are there for?

  • Metal cane. Just to tease, not to be used or, yes?
  • Whilplash. A short lash with some pointy tips to strike over and over again several body parts, including genitals.
  • Feathers. Generate tickles in several body parts, like the whilplash but with other type of effect.
  • Ball gag. You put it on the mouth to prevent the slave from yelling and making unneccesary noises.
  • Dog collar. To carry him like the dog he is, be on his four, pleasing his Mistress.
  • Horny dices. If he plays correctly, behaves and do as said, a prize can be given by playing the horny dices, only if he performs correctly everything, zero mistakes.

As I understand, everything on this world is done base on agreements, at least the real BDSM, so agreements are done between the Mistress and the slave on what can be done. That is what I know, can be different, I guess.

A pic of my Mistress Boudoir, click for more!!

So, yes, on the photo set, you can see I am alone and I am not playing with anyone, but the feeling of doing it, made me feel really hot and I loved my outfit. So, who knows, maybe in another occassion the Mistress Amatha prt II boudoir will be more hotter, keeping the sensuality at all time, not entering any porno set. So you have been warned on what you can expect.

Or maybe in another occassion I can try and be the slave, also will be really hot to try, don’t you think? Will be a nice photo shoot that is for sure, just me being punished, jajajaja.

But, that is all I have to say for this boudoir amathalovers, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.

Hope you take a look at my other Boudoirs, check my short Vids of these ones, check thae Art I am doing with really talented people from all over the world, tip me if you want to support me on this adventure, but most of all, enjoy the World of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model, and ENJOY LIFE.


A Hard Working Day, just relaxing at the Bathtub part II

I did a previous Bathtub Boudoir that I tried to link to my Home Office Boudoir, making that boudoir a continuation of the story and felt great amathalovers, so I thought, why not do it again?

So, this part II was done after shooting 4 other boudoirs, so it was a hard working day, with a lot a photo shooting in order to have more material for the site. I know the site is still missing a lot of material, but I am working on it, I promise.

Click to see more of my bathtub part II boudoir!!

So after doing the Love Sofa Boudoir, the Mistress Amatha Boudoir, the Tub Party Boudoir, a new boudoir that will come soon, it was decided to finish the day doing this second boudoir at the bathtub, just relaxing and enjoying my stay in the water.

So obviously, no clothing involved in this boudoir, just me at the bathtub, nothing more and if you notice, it is the same tub used in the Tub Party Boudoir. We tried to use as much as we can the different sections of the room, as we do with different scenarios that we go. Its just taking advantage of the place, can’t afford too much traveling, so we work with what we can and exploid it at max.

But, we also missed to add something to this boudoir, that it is something that I complaint on the part I blog entrance, so it is really probable that there is going to be a part III.

So, I don’t think I have to much to say about this boudoir, just finishing the day, taking some pics, to finally end the day. Just hope you enjoy the pics and my work, as I enjoy doing them.

Also, I will try to bring more stuff to the site, from short videos, to maybe live events for artists that will like to work with me, tip me if you feel you want to help me on this journey, check my Art, my Boudoirs, so just wait for more to come and follow me in this journey of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


Waiting is boring, waiting at the Love Sofa, something completely different, will it happen? You know what I mean

Have you ever went to an appointment and just be there waiting and waiting, the time is passing and nothing happens? Well amathalovers, this boudoir is about the wait, but for something more special, will it happen?

Honestly this boudoir was shot at a Love Hotel, using their Love Sofa and there was a “wide” area that we used to take the pictures.

The dressing was pretty simple, a middle white transparent lingerie coat and a thong, THATS IT, nothing else was needed just the let the sensuality run.

A pic from my Love Sofa Boudoir. Click to see more!

The boudoir photoshoot was done quickly, just moving around, playing with my cloth and let the session guide me on what to do. Most of my sessions try to be like that, I let the session guide me, not trying to force things, not like, now it is time to show your tits, now your ass, etc., NO, my sessions guide me as I see it is needed. just letting the things flow, thats all.

And yes, this love hotel, was used as set for other boudoirs, can you guess which ones?

So, I don’t think there is too much to say about this boudoir, just trying to leave the sense of want, the sense of “need more of this”, the uncertainity of not knowing if it will happen, basically, playing around with the mind. Love to play with the feeling of “I want more”, yes maybe you can and have seen parts of me, but I feel I have done it not in an erotic and explicit way, more in the sensual way, so I think I am managing this in the way I am trying and hopefully you are liking it.

A pic from my Love Sofa Boudoir. Click for more!

But, did it happen? what happen?

What do you think? I bet in your imagination is running the word SEX, and you are imagining yourself doing as many things as you could to my body, but the truth is that, what happen is something different.

I’m just going to say that several things happen, very interesting things, that I prefer to leave to the imagination, its always better to let the mind fly and let it take you wherever you want.

Well, I don’t think I have too much to say about this boudoir, I just hope you like it, suscribe to my blog if you want to know more about my world, that you enjoy the pics, you can check my other Boudoirs to know more of my world of Amatha “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE!!