Striped in my bikini

A bikini is a piece of cloth I really like to use amatha lovers, I think it gives me a lot of freedom, since I can use it as sexy lingerie or even to go to the beach with a really sexy suimsuit.

So, this black bikini was a gift I received, an wanted to give it a shot on how I look on it and while trying it, why not do a boudoir?

So, taking advantage that we were already in place, we decided to take some shots and as usual,I let the boudoir guide me. I was enjoying it that much that I even twerk dance a bit, since the music cheer me up and felt was a good moment to shake it a bit.

It was a short set of pic, but I enjoyed doing it, while moving around the room, dancing, jumping, laying and just being natural, as I like to be, while doing my boudoirs.

And I like how this bikini wrap my legs and my tummy, think it makes me look real sexy, don’t you think?

I been really busy, so I haven’t been able to create new material, just posting old set of pics and penidng stories of previous boudoirs I have done; but soon more will come, my normal job has absorbed me a lot and has difficult me finding time to do more of this mask world of mine.

Still, I hope you continue to follow me on this journey, you won’t regret it!! See more real soooon!!


Basic Instincts, not so sure why this short boudoir with my white corset remind me of this film

Hi there amathalovers!!

Well, this set was a short one, it was done base on an idea from a drawer por a draw he did of me, but the set of pics turn to came out really well.

First the set was a set we used for other boudoirs, as I have said, we try to use the same location for different ideas, play with those ideas and see what can come out.

So, this boudoirs wardrobe was simple, but hot and sensual, it was a white corset and a white thong, really simple, but I think the background and the chair we used here helped enhanced this boudoir.

Click for more!!

So, we strated the pics standing, some frontal shots were done and then we moved to the chair, where I think really good shots came and as you can see in the picture above, I found some similarity with the Basic Instinct movie, don’t you think?

Well, that is my impression, except that I have no thong, but the position of the legs remind me of that famous Sharon Stone scene and I really like it. Hope you like it too.

Other boudoirs were done, as I said, but to look them, since are hotter, you can become a Patreon and have access to a lot more of my portafolio, this boudoir is free on here so come check it out.

I hope you like what I am trying to create here, been a good and hard last year and will try to work more this year to take Amatha to a next level, hope you can support me in this journey and see you around in this masked world of mine and, Happy New Year!! for all of you in this 2022, only the best for you

See you around amathalovers.


As pure and well behaved as a Lotus Flower, jejeje

It has been a while Amathalovers but I have been like crazy with aspects of my normal life that I haven’t had chance to write anything for the blog, but I will try to write more often.

You know I have made changes to my site, needed to do them since many things have happened and it has become more than necessary to do it this way. Honestly I have been tricked some times for my work without receiving anything in return, so in order to stop this, at least a bit, this is one of the reasons I made the site this way and that is something that I will leave for another blog entrance.

But, lets return to the main point here,.. This boudoir was a boudoir I did on a room where a lotus flower was used as decoration, so I thought it will be nice to use it and do a boudoir with it. I love and respect budism, I am some myself, so I really respect doing this boudoir with the beautiful lotus flower on the wall.

Check more at my premium content.

So, the outfit is plain and simple and yes, I have used it for another boudoir, just without the thong hahaha, it was for the Horror Ballerina Boudoir, where I used the mini skirt for my “horror dance”. Will talk about that boudoir in another time, so the outfit was a black thong, the transparent mini skirt and thats all, with my tits out all the time.

So, all was focused on the lotus flower and me posing aside it, really cool and loved it.

Did you know that a simple definition of the lotus flower will be “that it symbolizes the triumph of the spirit over the senses, meaning wisdom and knowledge. A flower that never shows what is inside it, since it is mainly closed, being a flower that goes from the mystical part to the spiritual one“.

Just love it!! Kind of feel like me while doing this masked and not showing fully who is behind this, keeping things to the mystical part, really like that and think it matches with what I try to do. Well, at least, that is my opinion hahaha.

Yes, many get dissapointed when I tell them that I will never removed my mask, many have doubts of who I really am, if I am real, even some have doubts of me being a girl, simply ridiculous; but at the end part of their strategies to see if they convince me by some means to see if I take it off, unfortunately without having positive results for them.

I think I am mxing things here, but I really loved this boudoir because I think it kinda represents a bit of what I try to do with Amatha, this mystical masked female model. LOVE IT!!

But, I think I don’t have to much to say here, just that I really like it, hope you check out the other things I am doing. I am really trying to create more material, create more, let you see more of me so you can see I am real hahaha… But mainly enjoy this Masked World of Mine and ENJOY LIFE!!

Thank you for your support on this crazy Masked World of mine.


Can’t stop doing boudoirs while taking a bath, this one on the shower

This boudoir wasn’t planned in some way, but after we finished shooting some of them, all of them have been posted, I wanted to take a shower to rest a bit from a hard working photo shoot day, isn’t it something you also do amathalovers?

So, instead of resting, in some way, I ended up performing a boudoir through the glass of the shower while taking a bath and performing some postures, which I think gave a nice touch to this boudoir, giving that essence that you know I am there, but you can’t see me with the clarity that you will like.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!

So, it was an easy boudoir to shoot, just me playing inside the bath while I was taken photos from the outside and we played with that and I think some really nice pics came from this boudoir.

I think it is different to the ones I have done on a jacuzzi, bathtub part 1 and part II, but this one gave a different touch since the glass and the steam of the water help the boudoir to create another atmosphere; and being these pics in black and white also gives a really nice touch that if we have done them in color, in this set, I really think that it was way better to take this pics in black and white, don’t you think?

Anyway, there is not a big story on this boudoir, the story is what I mentioned, just one question, which boudoir do you think I performed the same day?

A pic from my Shower Boudoir, click for more!

So, I hope you enjoy this boudoir, as much as I enjoyed doing it, keep an eye on the new things that will be coming to the site, suscribe to my blog to see what I am up to, check my other boudoirs, the art that I being creating with several artists around the world, tip me if you want to support me in this journey and mainly enjoy my world of Amatha, the Masked Boudoir Model. ENJOY LIFE.


So many have said, “Want to see you without the Mask”, I have said it before, but, Why the Mask? Why not Unmasked?

I think I have given some explanations on why I am doing this masked? and why I like to keep it that way? So amathalovers, here I go again with a brief explanation on why I am doing this like this.

I am a direct woman, so I will be brief and direct with what I am saying:

  1. The mask helps me play different characters and let me perform boudoirs for each character, it helps me to get involved with what I am trying to represent in each session.
  2. I try to show that everyone can be behind the mask and that anyone can do this, that there are ways to challenge yourself without the fear or the feeling of anxiety of being discovered, like this, you can play around without anybody knowing it is you behind it, or at least only a few ones will know, like my case. So it is only a way, to show that things can be done no matter what.
  3. I am trying to show that everyone is beautiful in any way, its nice to hear that you want to see my face, makes me think you are interested in seeing more than my naked body, but I also think that is just the feeling of knowing with nothing special behind it.
  4. As explained on why this creepy masks?, I also try to show how I am against the world situation, against how women are seen, to say it in one way, as it was done with the creation of the Mexican Catrina, just a way to rebel myself and show how I am against many things.
A pic from my Horror Ballerina Boudoir. Click for more!

Yes, I am a feminist, but not like the extreme ones, thats too much, I believe in the power of women, in how we are able to do many things, all what we wish for, in how we are able to beat anyone in anything, we are capable of so many amazing things and I COMPLETELY BELIEVE THAT, I am just against that mentality that has been created through the years that we are weaker just because we are females.

But, I believe in equalty, that all of us are at the same level, gender, race, color, etc. doesn’t make us any better, not even close, maybe some persons are born with different characteristics, but as they say IF YOU HAVE THE TALENT, EXPLOIT IT, IF NOT IT IS WORTHLESS, well not sure if it goes like that, but for me what makes us better are different aspects that we are made of: like our knowledge, our habilities, our personality, our way of seeing things, how we decide, how we manage real life situations and many other things that doesn’t have to do with how we look and what is at sight, it has to do with what we have inside, saying it in an easy way, or at least, that is what I BELEIVE.

So the mask has a reason, that exists from my point of view and I hope you can respect that. The day I remove my mask, will be because I CHOSE TO DO IT and nothing more, not just because some pervs want to see my face while they are dreaming they are fucking me and just want more “information” for their dream, nop, won’t happen,

A pic from my Tub Party Boudoir. Click for more!

Well, that is what I have to say amathalovers, hope you understand a little more about me and why I am doing this MASKED. What I been thinking is to have more masks honestly, need more to characterize more and create more.

Anyway, check out my Outdoor Boudoirs or Indoor Boudoirs, to see all the Boudoirs I have done, check my Short Vids well you will be able to see me, check my Art Section where you will be able to see the interpretations of me of really talented people around the world, Tip Me if you want to help me in this adventure, will be very much appreciated, and ENJOY MY WORLD OF AMATHA, “THE MASKED BOUDOIR MODEL” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.