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Demon Slayer

Sexy Cosplay


I have expressed in my blog that I like to play different characters, to be in someone else place and be another person for a while. Mainly have created my own characters and also have tried to play some others but haven’t done any cosplays of anime before, so why not start!!

One of the most famous animes, of this modern times, is Kimetsu no Yaiba, Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, Nezuco, etc. you know, fighting demons, action, really well animated, just awesome.

There are many cool female characters, so why not start with one that looks really cute, like she wouldn’t harmed anyone, or will she? Well, thought will be really cool to do a cosplay of Shinobu Kocho the insect pillar. You know her right?

So, even I am showing everything in this cosplay, yes you will be able to see my tits, ass, pussy, from the front, form behind, for me it is still creating art, showing my art through my body.

So, I just hope you like this 3 sets I have begin with:

  • Outside the House – 13 pics.
  • In the woods – 23 pics.
  • In the room – 35 pics.

More will come, from more animes, so don’t forget to come often, take a look and enjoy!!

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In the Woods, In the Room, Outside the House

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