Feels cool when people approach and they tell you how you inspire them

Honestly amathalovers I wasn’t expecting any of this, but sometimes it happens that someone approaches me and ask me for advice on what they want to create or ask my opinion on the art they are creating or they ask me what maked me do this the way I do it and in some way they get inspiration from this, so honestly I am not going to lie that it feels good when ones “work” helps people in some way, in a good way, it feels cool!

It is not that there are a lot of persons telling me this, but even if they are a few, it feels good that your “work” is appreciated in a way that you are trying to show, where people really see the artistic touch and they not only see a naked girl. Well they see a naked gril, they appreciate me, but they also see more on what I am trying to do and that feels nice.

A pic from my Greek Goddes Boudoir, click for more!

I consider myself a newbie in this world, still have a lot to learn and that will never end, learning process never stops, but been learning, now think I know a little bit more of this world and if I can share my point of view or kind of my “experience” with persons that are interested, in a real way, it will be my pleasure to help.

Have had the chance to tell or share my opinion to different models, to different drawers or artists, to some photographers and it has been weird since I think I don’t know that much, but what I have told them seems it has worked; and I think that it is because it is always good to have different perspectives, different points of view, and I think it helps that I am the masked woman and in some way, I am trying to do things in a “different” way. Can’t tell I am original or that I am doing something new or different, but at least I think I am trying to give my touch to what I do and it is shown on the pics that I create and that is something that many persons like and thank you for that.

A pic from my Web-kini Boudoir, click for more!

So, it is not that I try to inflate my ego by saying that I am getting recognition for my “work” and I am putting work with quotes since I have said in another blog entrance that this is my therapy, maybe in a future will change but will see, I will be happy if it happens. I am happy since my “work” is reaching different kind of people and my “strange” style is getting recognized and I like it, at the end I am doing this to challenge myself, but also feels nice when someone tells you “hey, great jo, beautiful pic, beautiful body, love the masks, keep doing what you do, etc” and this also carries that some persons approach and tell me “what do you think of…”

Maybe I am exaggerating by saying I inspire poeple, not many people but a few, but in some way if I help them to gain courage, to challenge their fears, to improve in some way, I feel real good by doing it. Just remember mine is just an opinion, what may have work for me maybe won’t do for you, but it is good to hear or read other peoples minds.

A pic from my No Undies Maid Boudoir, click for more!

Anyway, I just wanted to express how I feel and that I will continue to play Amatha, think it has open me a new world and I like it.

So, I hope you continue to enjoy my artistic world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, here everything is uncensored, maybe soon some changes will come, not to censor things, but yes in other type of things that I think will help me on this difficult world, so tip me if you want to support me, but mainly ENJOY LIFE.

6 thoughts on “Feels cool when people approach and they tell you how you inspire them

  1. Of course you inspire people. It takes an idea, it takes courage and it takes execution. Others will see that they can create, too. I don’t see your work as strange, but rather unique. As far as censorship, do what you feel is comfortable to you. Most of your followers have seen all of you, except for your face. So, who you have following you are most likely here to see your creations, as opposed to seeking out simply nudity. Keep it going!

    • Thank you, been cool doing this, I really have learned several things while creating whats in my mind, I care more for what I want to express instead if they are seeing my tits or any other part of my body. So I will continue to create and do this i the best way I can.

      • Right! In many ways showing everything early was the best way to go forward, and removed any pressure to show your goodies.

      • Well, this is more than just showing my goodies, it is to express myself, to make statements, to create stories, to show that anyone can be behind the mask, to tell that I am good doing what I like, the way I like and will continue to create art as I see convenient.

      • Absolutely. I’m saying getting past the nudity for you opened up the creative part. It’s natural now.

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