New outdoor boudoirs coming soon

I am so happy to announce amathalovers that soon I will be able to create more boudoirs outside since really soon will go on a trip where many natural escenarios will be present, so hopefully I will be able to do several photo shoots outdoors, where it is more exciting and where I can feel more free.

The covid situation has frozen this situation a little bit, at least for me, so since now the situation is starting to become more “normal” it is easier to go to different places and do this outside. That makes me really happy!!

A pic from my Amatha of the Forest Boudoir, click for more!!

What new boudoirs will you be able to see? What ideas are going to take place?

Well, that is something you need to wait for, several ideas will try to be done for the boudoirs I have in mind, plus some pending work I have with several requests of different drawers, hopefully they will not get mad with me for the delay and my Art Section will have more and more beautiful artwork of different visions, different styles, different ideas, that is something I can’t wait for it to happen.

When will you see this new boudoirs?

Hopefully in July or August of this year, not so far away, just take the pics, select the ones that will be shown, do the normal edition of these ones, upload them to the site in some chronological order or something like that and ready to go, ready for you to see and enjoy!!

A pic from my Climbing Boudoir, click for more!!

So, I am very excited since soon I will be able to do more boudoirs outside, love the experience, love the feeling, love what it generates in me, since it is a challenge and it defies me a lot and I am more than welcome to face it.

I think that in one blog entrance I will described in more detail how my boudoirs are managed? The process inside one of my boudoir sets, but for the moment I just hope you enjoy my creations.

So, continue to enjoy this Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” world. check my Boudoirs, my Vids, my Art, tip me if you feel you want to support me and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


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