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Been 6 months of playing Amatha, what have I learned

I started with Amatha around the beginnig of this year, officially, since the idea has been running through my mind, but I started sharing with you this vision of mine early 2021 amathalovers, so, what I have learned by being Amatha? Well, tonight this big question will be solved, isn’t it exciting…

First of all, this has really helped me to increase my confidence, to feel more comfortable with myself, I really appreciate more of myself being the way I am, I really feel more empowered, capable of more and even you can say, “You are masked, it is easy”, yes, in some way it is, it helps, but, why you don’t do it? why don’t you challenge yourself in some way?

Second, I have been doing my boudoirs, mostly, as I please, creating my own fairy tales, posing and doing as I will and strangely, as it may sound, talking on the why’s, this has helped others to open their visions, to work with their models in a different way. So in some way, I am helping others in its way, sharing my vision, sharing thoughts and helping see that it is better to let things flow natural that trying to force things, at least it is what I think and has worked with me and others kind of agree with it. Also I have learned from others, it has been a great experience to share knowledge with different persons across the world.

A pic from my Greek Goddess Boudior, click for more!!

Third, forming part of Art, it has been amazing to be able to work with several artists, even from a huge distance, that have drawn me through their vision but with my vision of the pic creating just beautiful artwork, just amazing and love it. It has been great to create and form part of their art, even if it is a minimum part, but I can hang on someones wall through a painting or just a skect of me, but this symbolize a lot to me, so it has been a great experience so far.

With its difficulties, since sometimes some persons pretend to be drawers just to see my naked pics, have fallen sometimes, not going to lie, some are just pervs that want to jerk with me; but most of the persons that I have known, have been really professional, yes as men they have told me, at least honest, that they get horny while working with my pics, I have told them that they can do whatever they want in their mind, at the end in someones mind you can do as you wish and no one can tell you anything and I just add, “Do as you want, but don’t tell me” jajajaja…

A pic from my Lotus Flower Boudoir, click for more!!

Forth, even I have been growing “a little” since now people approaches me telling me they want to work with me instead of being me the one that approaches them, it has been difficult for me to sometimes comply with the requests, that because:

Fifth, have seen that a lot demand to see more, even in some way have been insulted, sometimes, since I don’t show more, but no one helps the cause, so things will continue to be as it is and you are able to see. Been thinking if I should change things or not, type of OnlyFans, want the butty, well you know what is needed.

Sixth, just LOVE to do this, creating Boudoirs and doing Art with others, it is just the therapy that I need, it helps me free myself, challenge myself and learn more about me and what I am capable of, just the right medicine.

Seventh, I just want to THANK all of the persons that have supported my work, in any way, by your words, your comments, sharing your thoughts, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your SUPPORT.

Well that is what I have to say amathalovers, hope you enjoy my world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model, visit my world, tip me if you want to support me on creating new things and mainly ENJOY LIFE.

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