Being a muse in this crazy covid locked down

Even I started this Amatha thing at the beginning of this year, when we were and still are, with this covid situation, how much do you think the art world has changed? how it is to be a muse through a picture or a zoom session? Doing it from a distance? Well amathalovers I will try to give my opinion.

Before Amatha I did some boudoir sessions, some in a professional way, some to help some friends as photographers so they could create their artwork book so they could sell their work, but did some work on it, so I know a little of this business. But, that was some time ago, several years ago, and I think things have changed.

Click for more of my Horror Ballerina Boudoir!

When I started Amatha, doing the boudoir sessions, in some way, was easy, since my photographer is really close to me and we create this stuff together and we started to give shape to this Amatha World. So even we are at locked down, to create boudoirs is not so difficult since we have the ease to easily create, in some way, what makes it difficult is my work and his work, since sometimes our activities complicate the creation of more material for Amatha.

Well, what has been difficult is to do outdoor boudoirs, due to some restrictions, it has been a little more complicated, so most of what I do is at different indoor places.

But, what about being a muse to be drawn?

Well, at the beginning I started contacting the drawers asking them if they wanted to paint me, most of them answered me back, so I shared some pics with them, they decided which one of those pics wanted to draw and there it is, the masterpiece created. Some questioned the mask, but most of them were opened to work with me being masked and have told me that they really like this idea.

A pic from my Shower Boudoir. Click for more!

Fortunately, my luck is kind of changing since even I continue to see drawers, I am also contacted by other drawers that want to work with me, so it feels really cool that my work is reaching more people little by little.

Some have asked me if I do Live sessions, haven’t done at the moment, but be sure there may be one really soon and the event will be posted on the LIVE EVENTS section of the site. The idea basically is to do the event by Zoom, being for professional purposes not for wankers, do some postures with different time lengths and see the work of all the drawers involved.

I think this can be something that I need to experience, at least try it and see what happens and then evaluate if I do more or not, but meanwhile the idea is in the air and the most probable thing is that there will be at least one virtual event, but why not give your vote and let me know if you will like to work with me virtually.

I did a poll on Instagram and they said they want it, but also why not asked through here, so give your opinion, just answer, give your opinion, really easy.

So amathalovers, being a virtual muse has been an experience, of course there are always things to learn and do, will try to experience new things, continue to challenge myself, do more Boudoirs, create more Art with different artists, feel free to Tip Me if you want to support me on this journey and mainly enjoy my world of Amatha, The Masked Boudoir Model and ENJOY LIFE.


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