What is form me to be constantly receiving private perv messages of my work?

At some point I thought talking about this, since I think is something that many models suffer, for some of them might be cool, they might enjoy it, also may be their work, but for me, and many others I think, is a pain in the ass to be dealing with guys that just want to jerk with my pics, but there are also females that want to do it, and constantly are asking for my nudes or sending me videochat requests through Instagram so we can “chat”, kind of annoying amathalovers.

As I think I have said before, I am just trying to have fun with this, and fun doesn’t mean that I want to waste my time with sex chat or similar stuff, fun is doing what I love and trying to do it the best way possible.

A pic from my Mistress Amatha Boudoir. Click for more!

Its cool to feel wanted, but not just for your body, because I don’t think those people see the work one is trying to do, at least most of them don’t do it, my guess; so plain and simple, I am not an object, not here to please your needs, there are many women out there that will be very gentle with you and please your needs, you just need to pay for their work, fair and just.

And NO even you try to pay me, I won’t do that thing, don’t care to be warming up horny guys, not in this for that; for that, I kindly suggest you to go to one of the million sites that exists for that. I am in this to express myself through photography with the boudoirs that I do, to be seen through artistic visions through paintings and draws in Art, seen through the ideas of so many talented people. Love to see those visions and styles each one of them has.

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So, I have kind of identified the countries where most of this people come from, not going to show them here, but I have seen kind of a constant on where the messages come from, but will be nice if you learned that we women aren’t toys for you to play with or that we are there just when you want, we are human beings with lifes, with ways of seeing things and as I said, some women can help you since that is their job, don’t try to to do that with someone that is not interested in that, understand a NO.

So YES, it is pretty annoying to be receiving DMs at Instagram, from persons with no pic, mostly, that want “something” with me and even if they had a pic, I DON’T CARE, won’t happen, go and spend your time in something more valuable, not trying to convince someone like me by saying ” please I am so horny, help me, want to do it with you”, I DON’T CARE FOR YOUR HORNYNESS, go find another girl, see a porn video, there is a bunch of free porn online.

A pic from my At the Beach Boudoir. Click for more!!

So, my recommendation:

“Don’t waste your time with girls that are not interested in sex chatting and jerking with you, if one says NO, understand and respect her decision, several of us are just trying to do something that we love, that know can bring hornyness, but aren’t here to comply and satisfy your needs, for that go to other type of sites, don’t be cheap and PAY for something you want, or find something in all of the free material that is out there. Many do this as their work, in my case, trying to enter this world of being a muse and working with really talented people in my way, that some accept and some not so much, so please, just contact me when you want to work with me in a professional way”

So, thats all I have to say, I can be talking too much about this subject, but also prefer to leave it as clear as possible with few words. So please, respect us, watch our work, admire our work, but RESPECT US, SUPPORT US; in my case, take a look at my Boudoirs, the Art I have created with different talented people, my short Videos and soon, more things will come, so have fun, enjoy my world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model” and mainly ENJOY LIFE.


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  1. I think it’s reasonable to say that you’ve made it clear prior to this post, that this is an artistic venture on your part. How others interpret your art is on them. Keep on creating!

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