Another day, lets prepare for this one with a topless bikini walk around the pool before starting

This boudoir set is pretty simple amathalovers, honestly no big story behind this one, but still can tell you a little bit about it.

Spending the weekend in a rented house, having the pool for ourselves, the problem is that the water was too cold since the climate in this place is warm, but it didn’t warm up the pool at all, not even one day, so using it was not possible, at least for me, he is like a penguin an was there for some time.

Anyway, we walk up one day, getting ready to go by the pool, put on my bikini, and then thought, why not take some simple shots of me waking up and then walking around the pool?

Pretty simple, nothing to tell with a story, I am not going to invent something where there is not, in some boudoirs there will be a deeper story, that I think the Mountain Climbing boudoir have a different feeling, check my blog entrance, but some will be more simple like the Bathtub Boudoir, check my blog entrance, sometimes we just do what we have in our minds, we just do it, as you should do, don’t let your plans for another day, if you have the chance take it, sometimes those chances doesn’t return.

A pic from my Waking Up Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, we started being on one of the individual beds, just some shots from behind, finidng the correct position for my butt to be shown, do you think we got it?

Then going outside, near the pool, the garden, walking topless around this one and this boudoir is as simple as that.

A Pci from my Waking up Boudoir. Click to see more!!



So, hope you enjoy my topless shots, I promise to do a better story next time, with something more to say, meanwhile, enjoy my other boudoirs, and mainly, the world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. See you soon.


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