Female body versus societies mind. Why I say that?

Amatha was created with several thoughts behind, not just to show myself and let you see my naked body for your pleasure, so you can play with your imagination where you can do whatever you want, so what are the main ideas here? Well, I will try to explain some of them in this entrance amathalovers.

Do I think societies mind is evolving and females body is being seen as something different than just a sexual object?

My main answer will be NO, even society, apparently, is evolving and a lot of different people with a lot of different tastes, genders, races and many other things that makes us different are being more “accepted”, I don’t think that is completely true and you can see it with all the racism that it still exists in the world, how different ideas are sent away becuase “they don’t fit”, with world leaders with really old ideas of how things should be done and hearing no one but themselves and mainly, talking about me, even females are being “more included”, that doesn’t mean that the stereotype of a woman has changed.

The pic below shows the way many of you think of us.

A pic from my yoga boudoir. Click to see more!

First of all, I don’t believe that gender, race, color or any of those things that identify us physically make us superior to anyone, for me, thats complete bullshit, what make us better is what we have inside, the way we think, we execute, what we do, internal things, that is what makes us different and what can make us say “I am better than you because of my aptittudes” not because of something physical or mainly visual. Being judge by physical aspects is totally wrong and judging without knowing someone is totally wrong also.

By doing this I can see, in some way, how things remain the same, as my website and through instagram or twitter, it allows me to share my pics with people all around the globe and its really funny to see how each one interacts with you. But I will talk about this part a little bit later, first, the in person part.

As a female, and as said in other blog entrance, many persons may look at you and they decide what they want to look at, making the experience comfortable or really uncomfortable, depends on the way they do things and even it can be comfortable at the beginning the main point is, most of the times, the same which turns it uncomfortable. I know that, most of time, first sight or contact is visual, I understand that, we feel pleased when you appreciate us, but why for so many persons we are just holes to fill in.

A pic from my Mountain Boudoir. Click to see more!

I am trying to do Amatha in an artistic way, where my body shows my feelings and try to show how I am accepting me as the piece fo art I am, maybe exagerating, but each of us should feel like something really special and you should accept yourself without caring for other persons comments. I know I am a really capable woman with a lot of potential to do many things.

I have thought on Amatha and have come to the conclusion that if I remove the mask, people, with more reasons, will see me as an object, more than they do, since they will know who I am, mostly in my country and honestly, it will carry me problems, because they won’t see this the way I am trying to do it, as art, as a way of expression; a lot of them will see me as the naked woman that they want to fuck and honestly I am not going to create problems where there is no need. I’m saying this since I thought about making the characterizations unmasked, but the mask will remain with me for a while.

Well, talking about the social networks it has been really interesting to see how women and men have approached me, some trying to talk, some just asking for my nudes, well hello HERE they are, don’t be lazy, but for example, in most men cases, the tactic is pretty similar, they approach gently, talk a little and tell me “send me your nudes”, when I kick them away, peace comes, some want me to do lives so they can jerk off on cam, not interested, not going to happen, at least not that way, I just model, but at the end, it is the same, most of the time I am just an object of perversion that they want to fuck, not a female.

At bed. Click to see more!

Some have been nicer and just joke with me when Instagram banned my pics where I am not even naked, its kind of ridiculuos that they have banned pics where I am showing mask close ups saying they don’t accept it for sexual reasons. Anyway…

Women have been more calmed, they just have told me that I am smoking hot, approach being shy, kind of direct when talking and I had had the chance to see other females art and talk a little with other boudoir models and its really interesting to see how our pics and ideas are similar, how we like to express ourselves and change that prejudice mentality since we don’t see things changing.

Its kind of funny to see comments or news saying that we incite female violence with our art, something that is totally wrong. What?, since we do nudes, we provoke men and it is our fault since they cannot control themselves and thats is why they raped us, if they can, thats a complete nonsense. Its always easy to blame someone instead of fixing the real problem, that wrong mentality that exists, still exists and hopefully will change in a near future, but I doubt it.

Everything is mainly my opinion and nothing else.

But enough of bad things, I have some GOOD NEWS.

While traveling through Instagram, mainly, I have come in touch with some artists that will be drawing me, so soon I will have an arthistic section here, where you will be able to see me in a more artistic way. Kinda cool don’t you think? To be drawn and shown through art, its great since that is part of what I am trying to do here with Amatha.

Well, tell me what you think? Do you think we are ok as a society? Do you think things have changed? Are we ok? Tell me your opinion, meanwhile enjoyed my boudoirs, trying to do them in this arthistic way I am talking about, check my other blog entrances, tip me if you want to support in this Masked Boudoir Adventure, but mainly ENJOY LIFE AND SEE YOU AROUND.

4 thoughts on “Female body versus societies mind. Why I say that?

  1. I agree – blaming women for the actions of men is absurd. Men are responsible for what men do. Period. I think that you’ve touched on a few other issues here, too. I think that sensuality represented in art ought to have the net effect of causing the viewing to feel that sensuality. Then, there’s the objectification of the person, which is awful and mostly not the intent of most artists. As far as social media is concerned, I’m worried about the censorship taking place these days. Politics and art are taking the biggest hit and those two in particular need the most diverse voices. Love the photos as always.

    • Agree, I think that instead of evolving, we are going back, even there is more “acceptance” I see that we are not moving to something new, we are changing in some way the old ideas to old new ideas

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