A normal home office day, just working, some videochats, but what can possibly go wrong on my normal job combining it with a boudoir?

This session was kind of strange amathalovers, since this is my first session where I performed a FULL NUDE for the website, so I wanted to explain what I felt during the session and explain the concept of this one.

I try to explain the transcription of all the boudoirs to try to give an idea on why I am doing each one of them, some of them have more thought, some are done just because it feels like the time to do them, so now it is the time to explain the Home Office Boudoir, one where I am totally nude, so…

First of all, even I am wearing a mask, it is kind of hard for me to do this boudoir sessions, as I have explained in other entrances of the blog, on why I am challenging myself with Amatha. since I like the sensuality and the way I feel in the sessions, but sometimes is hard to perform in front of the camera and the idea that I was going to be fully nude on most part of this one made me feel kind of nervous.

So here is the story…

The idea of the boudoir is pretty simple, play a normal woman working on her lap, being comfy with her lingerie…

, till the point that she decides to take everything off and continue to work totally naked.

Then she sees that she has a videochat and run over to get a shirt to take the call

, the meeting takes place, everything is fine

, it comes to and end, but at this moment the cell phone rings

, making her forget that the cam is on, so she stands up, with nothing below, talks on her phone with the cam on

, with her coworkers enjoying the view without her noticing it.

The call ends, she undress to return to work and ups…

she notice that her coworkers are seeing her, totally naked,

so being shy but not so much, she continues to walk to the lap, sit down with her tits out, chat a bit with them,

say goodbye and close her lap, just thinking, how did this happened?

Will another “accident” happen? Only following me you will see.

As you see the idea was simple and in some way make it appear that it is something that can happen to any of us, since several of us, are living this situation and working from home due to the virus. Did you like the way I made it like a comic, with images and descriptions? Maybe not the best but I think was a nice try.

Do you want to know the funny part? That it almost happened for real. After the boudoir session, I really had to work and was working fully naked. I was talking with a coworker about job things, usual problems, now a little bit more about a normal day for me, and I nearly video called him to see in a better way the problem, but fortunately for me, I realize that I was completely nude, my tits will have been show lived and honestly, I avoid something that could have been kind of embarrasing, since with Amatha I was brave, proud of myself and went naked to chat with them, but in real life, with something like that, I think that I will have ran over and hide, I’m not going to lie, I am pretty sure I will have done that.

What would you have done in a similar situation? Will you let your coworkers see you naked, will run away or will you cover yourself? Leave a comment and share with me.

But well, this boudoir is the first one where I am showing everything, it was hard for me to do it, but at the end, I feel sensual, natural, comfortable with me, like all of us should feel with ourselves, not entering any erotic territory, enjoying my nudity, so I really liked the boudoir and I hope you enjoy it too.

So, follow me in this Masked Adventure and ENJOY WITH ME!!

Till the next one.


5 thoughts on “A normal home office day, just working, some videochats, but what can possibly go wrong on my normal job combining it with a boudoir?

  1. Nice series of images and interesting way you described them. About letting co-workers see…I’ve never done that on a video chat (intentional or otherwise), but I did share some NSFW selfies with a few co-workers after they found that I had an interest in photography.

    Then again, I’m a guy, so… lol

    Great work. I really like the way the images are taken.

    • Well with Amatha, the idea of the boudoir was to represent this “accident” and to show how proud and strong I am, without caring I come back to work. As said, in normal life I don’t think I will have act that way, but with Amatha I have been increasing my confidence so who knows, maybe one day I will do it for real, just to see 🤣

      So the beer is appearing!! jajaja, well I don’t see nothing wrong with that, one should feel good with who he or she is without caring too much for what others may think, in another blog entrance I will talk a little bit about this, my opinion.

      And thank you, glad you like my home office comic. 😊

  2. Great photos! I don’t think I’d let my coworkers see me nude. However, my neighbor visited me while I was skinny dipping one day. That was awkward 😎

    • I think in real life, without hiding through a camera or mask, it is difficult to act like I did in the boudoir, some way, since most of us are influence that nudity is wrong, in some way, when it is our body and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, we should be proud of it, so it may be awkward, but I think mentality must changed in some way to accept this situations. 😉

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