Why I consider Amatha my “therapy”? What is a normal day for me.

In my first blog entrance I said that Amatha works as a “therapy” for me, since I have a normal job, so, what is a normal day for me? at what hour I do Amatha boudoirs? Well, I will answer this questions today amathalovers.

Where do I start…, well my day begins around 6am, I get ready, take a bath, some makeup, pick up the cloth of the day, being with home office, makes it a lot easier these days, have some breakfast and I start to work around 7am. So I turn my computer on and the first thing I do is open my mail, to see all the athrocities my coworkers or the clients have done. I call it athrocity in a nice way, sometimes, just sometimes, there are no problems.

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So, my normal job is something like this… I work a lot with clients, dealing with their problems, everything related to the product that we sell, explaining it in an easy way, so I hear a lot of their complaints in this process. I work with my coworkers to see those issues and to try to keep the business running, fighting with my boss and mainly, try to keep the clients happy, something really difficult. I am like the women attending at a cashier in a store, but in a more “corporate way”, more fancy if I can call it some way.

Anyway, its really really complicate that I have a day without getting angry, sad or just want to throw everything away, I really have battles the whole day, well I can imagine some of you live the same thing, what is your therapy? Send a comment and share it with me.

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Where all the problems come from? My guess, lazy coworkers that feel are the boss and don’t help me at all, a boss that doesn’t support me and leaves me alone in every problem or takes really bad decisions, clients complaining since they are being attended in a bad way, product problems, a total chaos from my point of view and of course, it stress me, since many times I feel I am completely alone, doing everything by myself while the other guys kind of scratch their stomachs, balls or pussy, I don’t know, but sometimes I have to do a lot of rework for very bad decisions taken from my coworkers and that makes me wanna explode.

I am gonna live it there, since I don’t wanna enter the part where I guess I am right and how they are wrong, since I do a lot and they don’t do anything, etc., I think it will take me nowhere and will stop there. I think everyone has their opinion and do the things the “best” way they can, saying that in a kind way, but I battle all day long there.

So, as said before, Amatha helps me to relax, I like to model, as said, I am not a professional model, just a women relaxing and doing something that she loves, being taken pictures, enjoying every moment of these ones by taking me to different lands, playing different characters and showing myself through this pictures by enjoying my body, my nudity, loving me and mainly, challenging myself by doing this, since it may seem easy to you when you see the pictures, but every boudoir is a challenge for me, I’m not going to lie and Amatha is helping me to increase that confidence and to believe in me.

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So, when do I have time to do Amatha?

Well, it depends. Sometimes when we are in a place we take advantage and do 2 to 4 sessions at different spots of the location, using the place as much as we can and play as many charaters as possible. That is why you can see similarities in the locations in different boudoirs, because we use the same location for different ones.

We try to do boudoirs at least twice a month, if possible, mainly in weekends and do as much as we can, since my normal job makes it difficult to do it more often; I will love to do it more often, but honestly this doesn’t brings food to my table, hope it does, even if it was a little, but at the moment I do it as I can in the best possible way, so if you feel like supporting me, feel free to do it, I will really appreciate it, but I don’t want to force anyone, that is why the site is FREE and I will try to keep it this way as much as I can.

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Amatha is not a porn site, it is me and my fairy tale boudoirs, that yes they include nudity, and will continue to include, but I see it as nude art, an appreciation of the female body in its whole, without restraints, showing what she wants, the way she wants, without answering to no one, only to herself.

So Amatha helps me to free myself in any way possible, to let my mind flow and forget all the problems that I normally have, allowing me to do something that I really enjoy; so I invite you to follow me on this trip, to take a look to my boudoirs, at my different boudoirs stories through the pictures, through the blog, to send me comments, I will be more than please to read your comments and if you have any idea of something you will like me to play, I will be more than please to hear it.

At this moment, I have to do my normal job and I will continue to do Amatha as a hobby, but giving the quality that I want, showing what I want and telling what I want, so I will love to see you around, enjoy my world, hope you understand a little more about me and SEE YOU AROUND!!


11 thoughts on “Why I consider Amatha my “therapy”? What is a normal day for me.

    • Its more comfortable definetly, without caring and thinking what to wear for work ๐Ÿ˜œ

      • If you do home office it is easy to do it, other type of job you may have some problems ๐Ÿ˜‚, because… you know society rules. ๐Ÿคฎ But if you can, try it some day and just feel free.

      • It DEFINITELY wouldn’t be something I could do at work. But, I do share my own naughty photo’s on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Well thats great, that way you can share your passion for naughtiness ๐Ÿ˜Š

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