Love to exercise, to stay fit, why not combine my love for Yoga with a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Exercise is really important in my life, I am kind of addicted to it and really had had some troubles dealing with the gyms closed and everything that the pandemia carried with it.

Fortunately, there are some activities that can still be performed, so amathalovers, I thought, “I love Yoga, I do it every day, so why not do a boudoir while doing my Yoga session?”

Preparing yoga session. Click to see more!

This is not new, I have seen pictures of women doing nude yoga, lingerie yoga, but have you seen lingerie masked yoga? I imagine you saying, “Ohhhhh, never heard of it, something really “new”, need to see it”. Well, wish granted, the totally new lingerie masked yoga of Amatha is here, of course I am joking, it is not something “new”, but it has my touch.

So, again we were in a rented house, with a garden that was with enough space for the session, so we picked a spot on the garden, picked the clothing for the boudoir, we thought something athletic but different will be nice, like a hooded short top with a really really small thong, more sexy than normal yoga clothing, don’t you think? I selected from Youtube the Yoga session that I was going to do, prepare my mat and other stuff, leave everything ready and go for it.

All the session was done using yoga poses, everything flowing natural, just performing the exercise as I was seeing it on Youtube, the thong was really really small so what is shown is shown by natural poses, guess we were kind of selective with the pictures used here, but I think in some pictures you can see my pussy lips, not telling you which ones, you will have to look to find them; but it was part of the exercise, it is natural, is a part of my body, so who cares, just enjoy the pictures.

A pic of my Yoga Boudoir session, click for more.

The session took like 45 minutes, the time of the yoga class, we took a lot of pictures, but cannot fill all of the set with a lot of pics repeating themselves due to the yoga positions that were constantly done over and over again.

More of me could have been shown due to the really really small thong, but due to the effects of the shadows and the pictures selected, sorry maybe next time, it didn’t happen on this one. Am I using that really really small thong again?, you bet I will! I like it! Thong or no thong is fine, just I need it to go well with the boudoir, in order to keep the sensuality that I want in my sessions.

Also, my dog was running around and enjoying the sun, so you can see her with me at the end of the boudoir session, I love her so much.

This session made me do two things that I love, exercise and being taken pictures at the same time. Hope you like my Yoga Boudoir Session and more sexy things will come on this adventure of mine in the world of Amatha, so follow me, enjoy and join me in this adventure.


5 thoughts on “Love to exercise, to stay fit, why not combine my love for Yoga with a Boudoir Photo Shoot

  1. Very nice! And yes, I did find the pussy lips photo. I agree -it’s all part of the experience. And yes, I did enjoy that photo, as well as the rest of them. πŸ™‚

    • 🀣 Well I guess there is nothing to hide anymore, you have seen all of me, I see you did the search around and found them. Glad you like it and my other pics also 😊

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