Where I am going? Am I achieving my goals? What if everything ends tomorrow?

2020 is past, finally and 2021 is moving and even I think that most of the world wants a magic wand to erase all the sadness that it has brought, ungrateful memories that have surrounded us from last year and part of the actual one; or just simply the thought of getting out of the box and just do what we want.

Sometimes the lost of a dear friend or family member makes you reconnect with yourself and makes you think, am I doing something with my life? Or, have I done something with it?

Well, maybe people here just want to see my butt, my boobs or whatever they want to imagine, but at the end of the conversation, with whoever you choose, either he or she can think, “have I been able to experience? have I achieved my goals or kinky goals? Or fear has stopped me on trying things? Or, my job doesn’t allow me to do it since it consumes a lot of time from me?”

Reality is that those taboos many times block ourselves, work as an excuse and doesn’t allow us to move. I can say that I free my body on the boudoir sessions, and as said, everyone sees and focus on what they want to see. I value my body and explore my sensuality in each boudoir session, what I have small boobs? Maybe, and what! Since many people like huge boobs I have to adapt, NO WAY. I follow my path and play with my body as I want.

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I may reach 30, 40, 50 or as many years I have left and at the end I have learned that those taboos caused by influences, society or just simply because someone says that things cannot be used or done in certain ways, just block me sometimes and get in my way of expression or what I want to trasmit and I don’t like it. I am working that part to be able to do more.

At the end, I sat every day in an office, well right now doing home office, and I follow a rutinary life, Hopefully, I have Amatha, I feel joy thinking that if I die tomorrow, I was able to experience what is to do boudoirs, with what I want to do, pretending, creating, transmitting to everyone that I love my body and that there are many bodies around for all likes, I am not perfect, none is, but Amatha is my escape to tell and express through pictures and the blogs how I feel.

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I hope I have the chance to do more pictures in public areas, so I can help remove this bad idea that many persons have of the persons that like to do this, to see us and accept us as we are and why we want to express this sensual side that we love, where my body is a piece of art, my nudity is art and yes, that ego that somehow we feed.

Well amathalovers, that is something that I needed to take out, since some unfortunate event happen and made me think in what I been doing? Hopefully I started Amatha and will continue to do it to express myself, hope to see you on this Masked Boudoir Journey, visit my boudoirs, my blog entries. ENJOY LIFE AND SEE YOU AROUND!


9 thoughts on “Where I am going? Am I achieving my goals? What if everything ends tomorrow?

    • Its the way one feels good with their body, withoout adjusting to so much standards that are out there or that they have sold us for a long time, so I feel great with who I am, with my body and glad you like them. 🤩

  1. I’ve done something similar- expressed myself with tasteful implied nudes, anonymously. It was quite uplifting and an escape from reality for at least a moment. Im still working on the rest of my bucket list.

    Keep going Amatha. Self-expression is good for the soul.

    • Glad you try it Joe, something less from your bucket list. the important thing is to try. I will continue my path, doing this and who knows what else will come to mind, but one has to try as much as he or she wants, live is short and time doesn’t forgive, so lets do as much as we can. 😉😊

      • I might have to repost those sometime, although that would move my blog into the “mature content” category. I’ll have to figure out what that means lol

      • 🤣 well, you have the option to post them, not sure what mature content means right now with the way society is evolving so who knows, maybe it will enter the educational category

      • I haven’t read that information before 🤣. I think my site is in that category, I thought it was educational 😜, just joking. And who knows Joe, I will be paying attention to your posts, just to see if there is a beer out there 🤣. I just try to encourage you in a proper way.

      • Here, hold my beer… lol

        In all seriousness, some of your images have been inspiring and I hope to harness some of that into my next photoshoot with a model/talent. So, for me, your images ARE educational 🙂 Have a great afternoon.. see ya in your next post!

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