Being letal, without caring for so many things, just being bad, one of my favorite characters, The Assassin

This characters is just one that I will love to play several times.

Hello amathalovers and let me talk about this character that I really enjoy to play, maybe my nuaghty and evil side, I don’t know, but I really enjoy being a hot and sexy assassin.

The idea with this boudoir is pretty simple, I am an assassin that really enjoys being bad, that makes her feel so hot, sensual, she feels the adrenaline flowing through her veins when she is going to comit her mischiefs.

I consider myself to be a good person, but I think that all of us have our naughty or evil side and that is something we can’t deny, so playing the hot assassin makes me feel and show in some way, that evil part of me, that I think session by session will be shown in some way, not that I am going to do bad things or eroitc-porn things to show how hot I feel, but I will try to show that naughty and evil part of me with the sensuality that I want in my pictures.

We shot this boudoir at a small bathroom of a house we were staying, that helped the boudoir since the bath doors were black and we shot this boudoir in the night. The bathroom was outside the house and opened in some way. Of course you can’t see the toilet, since it will have been a really bad shot and I will have been really mad for that bad shot. So we used the doors that covered the shower cabin as a main set for this boudoir.

Well, in this session I was wearing a black full leather suit or jump suit, with some open stripes through the whole body, really tight, I really liked it. I think some skin can be seen through the stripes, that maybe it is not so visible in the pics since the scene is really dark, but I wanted this boudoir to be dark, trying to show like the “evil” aura of this “evil” character, that was kind of in her lair, planning on haunting her victims, seeing and waiting the moment to attack, to perform her ritual, to satisfy her needs, to enjoy that evil part that makes her feel burning and just wants to do dirty stuff.

A pic of my Introducing the Assassin boudoir, click for more.

What stuff will I do?, you will have to follow me to see more boudoirs that I will do performing this character. I think you will really enjoy the ideas that I have on the boudoirs that I am going to play for The Assassin. In the meantime you can take a look at my Introducing The Assassin Boudoir and you will have to wait for more of the Assassin to come.

SPOILER ALERT! The Assassin part 2 boudoir has already been shot, so minor details are being arranged and soon it will be online for all of you to watch. Follow me and don’t miss it!!

I repeat myself, of course I am not going to do anything bad, or erotic or anything of that, sensuality will be kept in all of the boudoirs that I do and I think I have some ideas that you will like to see, just you will have to follow me by suscribing to my newletter or blog on this Masked Boudoir Adventure and just want to tell you to enjoy the world of Amatha.


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    • Glad you like it, hope you enjoy what I have in plans. 😉😊

      • A new post will come today, thats for sure. New set of pictures will come this saturday. So stay like a fly on th wall to catch them all. 😄

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