Amatha, what does it means? Why I chose this name?

What name to choose to play this character? How I picked it?

Hello amathalovers and welcome to antoher story of this Masked Boudoir World.

When I was thinking about doing this, I didn’t really thought about using another name, or did you really think Amatha is my real name? Of course not, someone suggested me to use antoher name trying to show a part of who I am and in some way, how all of us are.

According to the normal definition of the name Amatha, or one that we found, it means:

When a name has ‘A’ as initial, there is a desire to be in charge but these people also know how to listen to others.

‘M’ is about the secret meanings behind actions that can influence one’s life.

The ‘A’ conceals a more rational than emotional stance on most occasions, describing an individual with a natural disposition for objective discussions.

With ‘T’ resonating with the intensity of the number 2, this person is likely to be quite restless and always on the run.

H’s essence is linked to life principles such as living a good and honorable life.

On the unfavorable side, ‘A’ tends to surface some indifference for others’ well-being, comfort or priorities.

A pic from my Evil Christmas Boudoir. Click to see more!!

But we didn’t search for this information before we selected this name; we selected this name for a different reason, that I really like.

Since I know persons that loves mythology and a lot of rare stuff, I did some research and came out with an idea that I found interesting and it convince me and here we are.

First, the name is divided into two goddesses:

AMA – Amatherasu

From the japanese goddess of the sun Amatherasu. A goddess of light, let me tell you a little bit of her.

“When her brother Susanowo treated her bad, she hide inside a heaven cave and close the entrance with a huge stone. This turned the world dark and the evil spirits came out from there hideouts.

A pic from my Mountain Climbing Boudoir. Click to see more!!

Desperate, the other gods had a conference where they decided to set her a trap and made a huge party outside of the cave. the put a huge mirror in front of the cave entrance and jewelry hanging froma tree. Uzume, god of laughter, started a dance in company of some loud music.

When Amatherasu heard the music and the laughs, she felt curious and look outised to know what was going on. She was fascinated with her own shinny reflection on the mirror that came out from the cave, lettig the light come out once again to the world”.

That is part of her legend, don’t you think is kind of cool that she is the bringer of light and has the power to vanish the demons, well its mythology and I thought that was really cool.

THA – Scatha

From the celtic goddess called “the shadow” Scatha. It sounds a bit dark, let me tell you a little bit about her.

“Scatha or Scáthach, a goddess that was considered a great warrior, whih name means “the one who provokes fear, also known as “the shadow”.

She lived in Skye, Scotish island, and taught many legendary celtic heroes all of her skills, including magic. This heroes travel long distances to train with her and she gave them instructions for strategic moves, as well as martial arts. She only stay for one year and one day, where she thought them batlle screams, jump hits, to turn them invincible in combat.

A pic from my Samurai Boudoir. Click to see more!!

She is described as Cuchulainn in the Cualgne Táin Bó. There is a grave/altar at Ciumesti, Rumania, III century b.C., as another altar in Snettisham, England, mids of I century b.C. dedicated to this goddess. In these altars you can see her standing on foot, over a hill that she dominated with the stone circle of Callanish”.

Sounds like a great woman, with a lot of power, capable of many things, a teacher but also a great warrior, that inflicts fear in the heart of her enemies, a “dark” part maybe? Anyway, I love the description.

Why I liked it?

Because in an easy way it reflects the light and the dark or daring part of someone, the warrior within, part that I think I have, and as said, something that all of us have, just we need to take it out; our good part and our evil or battling part, the light and the dark, power, strength, beauty, many things that you can think.

I loved the name, it makes me feel strong, beautiful, capable of many things that I will achieve with Amatha and why not?. In my day by day life, but that is my opinion.

A pic from my Introducing the Assassin Boudoir. Click to see more!!

So, what do you think? Leave a comment and tell me your opinion.

Take a look around my boudoirs, to see the good and evil part of me and tell me, which boudoir represent my good part? And, which boudoir represent my evil part? Tell me.

Enjoy my world of Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”. See you with more soon.


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  1. Another great outdoor shot. I like where the shadows fell. Was it cold? The jacket looks a bit heavy.

    • I also think it was a great boudoir shot, the combination of light and shadows goes really well, as my name jejeje. It was cold for me, I don’t tolerate to well cold weather and the jacket was kind of heavy, that is why I removed it at the end of the boudoir :).

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