A day at a lonely beach, surrounded by palm trees in my red bikini, just perfect, or, not so much?

Hello amathalovers, another tale of another outdoor boudoir.

This was a short boudoir that I did while on holidays, around October 2020. We were traveling on the car, returning from a previous touristic or not touristic spot, I don’t remember really well, we did the planning since we hate tours, and we saw a sign of a beach that we have never heard before, so we decided to go and see, since no one has told us about this beach. That is an advantage of no taking tours.

So we took the road, travel a little on it while trying to figure out the correct road since there were a few options to take to the beach and finally we took the correct ones to arrived to this one.

Hiding with the palms. Click to see more!!

When we arrived, there was only one small restaurant, that was empty, and only the owner of the restaurant was at this place, so we parked the car, started to walk a little on the beach and there was absolutely no one at the beach, even being kind of late and it will be normal to have people around this hour, there was no one. So we walked, there were a lot of palm trees and he told me that this will be a good spot and good opportunity for a boudoir.

I was kind of complaining at the beginning, but at the end, he went to the car for my Amatha outfit, mainly to get the mask, because since we strated Amatha, we travel with her stuff, just in case we see a spot on the way that we like, so in some way we can do a boudoirs anywhere that we want and sometimes we let the ideas rol at the moment with what we want to do.

But we didn’t talk too much for this session, we started to take the pictures, but one problem that I had, was that the sand was extremely warm and the sun was really hard, it was like 3pm and I felt it burning me real fast, so that is the reason why we only have some few shots for this boudoir, the conditions were hard for me and made it really difficult to stay some time below the sun, even being in the shadows was warm, but I still want to share with you some of the shots that we did.

A pic from my beach boudoir session at the beach.

For example, for the picture above, I told my him, ” I will run to the log, do the pose and you will have some minutes to take me the pictures since finishing this I am out, I can’t stand the sun anymore”. Kind of extreme, but was difficult to do the shoot out with this conditions. At the end…

I felt good during the session, but the sun made it really difficult to work since it was not a good hour to take the pics but we didn’t know about this place before in order to come in a better hour and the trip was almost coming to an end, so we didn’t have the chance to come back on a better hour. Hopefully we will found another spot or we can return here, but more pics will come either way.

For what we did, the outfit was really simple, the red bikini that I already had on and we thought the skull mask will fit for the session, so we try with this one and that was the clothing for the session, pretty simple right? so in the end, we kind of miss the opportunity to take more pictures here, I think I will have liked to be nude for a while at this lonely beach, feeling the sea, the sand through my naked body, but the sun was reallly burning me, so I wasn’t able to do more pictures for you, sorry guys.

Honestly, I cannot say that I was playing a character here, it just felt like a moment to do it, even I was kind of arguing at the beginning, and that is what we did, I guess that will be my advise, if you feel the need to do something, don’t wait too much to do it, sometimes is a lot better to do it. Of course I am talking about things that doesn’t hurt anyone else, not bad things, so remember, some moments appear just sometimes, if you feel one, try to take it, maybe that moment won’t return. So, after my recommendation, I hope you enjoy this short gallery that I did enjoy but suffer a bit on it.

Well, thats kind of my story for this boudoir session, hope to see you around on this adventure of Amatha, “The masked boudoir model”. So suscribe to my blog, follow my site, meanwhile you can see more of my boudoirs and of course of me. ENJOY AND SEE YOU SOON!!


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    • Glad you like the pics Joe, it was a hot day when I took them but we got some nice shots.

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