Do I feel pretty?… Of course I do, like everyone should do

Hello amathalovers

Have you ever feel insecure or have you think that your body doesn´t fit in according to the world stereotypes? As a woman in each part of our life we feel that, being tinny, huge, tall, skinny, not having perfect boobs, not having a huge or perfect butt, etc.; being our body obviously seen in our normal job or just by walking around, makes 67% of all women feel insecure, making 27% of them go for plastic surgery to arrange those “issues”.

And come on, of course I’ve been thinking on that too!! but why I cannot do it right now? Because one of my physical goals is to transmit that my body is gorgeous, my boobs are beautiful, my butt is gorgeous and even if I´m not a super model, Amatha raise on me and says that each body is extremely sensual ( in my case being very disciplined in exercise and eating healthy) but that is me!

A pic from my Beach Bikini Boudoir. Click to see more!!

And everyone should feel pretty with their own body. Sometimes my friends told me that they like the super models but some of them think that they are so skinny without having enough meat to grab. At the end, tastes are different and valid in every way, but times are changing and fortunately, a lot of persons are accepting the different types of bodies and sizes, leaving the old stereotypes away.

In my boudoirs, no makeup is used, everything is natural, if I have mosquito bite or something on my skin, we don’t cover it, we don’t cover those “imperfections” because it is natural to happen, perfection is out of the equation here in Amatha, it is about being natural and in my case, creating my own fairy tales as I wish in this boudoir world.

In my opinion all bodies are beautiful, in my case with Amatha, I show how much I love my body through the fairy tales that I do on each boudoir session. Each person must believe in his ways, in the physical goals that you have, just think that you are beautiful, be happy with who you are and accept yourself. It´s your way, it´s your life, enjoy it and express it.


2 thoughts on “Do I feel pretty?… Of course I do, like everyone should do

  1. I believe that sensuality is derived by the confidence of the person in their skin, and not from a predetermined corporate ideal. Very nice photos!

    • Agree The V Pub, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like my pictures.

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