Parties with ugly sweaters and shirts, who cares Christmas has passed, my Deadpool ugly shirt fits perfectly on this boudoir session

Holy time, friends events and the “difficult” work events, so let me tell you a little bit about this boudoir amathalovers.

As many of us, that even being working from home, we still have to take virtual meetings and dealing with a lot of problems, well one of those ones, if you consider it one, was to have my virtual gift exchange with ugly shirts for christmas, with all my buddies from work.

So in the need of an ugly shirt, a friend helped me getting one and gave me one of Deadpool, since I love his personality and basically the way he is, so in some way I was trying to send a message to all my coworkers with his image on my shirt.

My Deadpool ugly shirt. Click to see more!!

Not sure if everybody got it, but I’m pretty sure that my closest friends understand the message that I was trying to give, since you know a lot of us hate our boss, some of our coworkers and sometimes it is good to send an indirect message, without breaking the compaly rules, which I didn’t break. So safe on that point.

A pic from my Is this Jolly Enough Boudoir. Click to see more!!

Why the boudoir? Simple, just imagining some of their faces made me felt so good, that taking advantage that we were on a house with a pool, not ours, we only were there for a few days, I just wanted to get in the pool and do the boudoir, which I didn’t do completely, because the water was extremely cold and I only manage to put my legs in, but I still think that we got some fine shots and being sure that I will repeat this in some other ways, that I will be glad to share with all of you.

The boudoir is pretty simple, being in half bikini and with the ugly shirt, showing how much I enjoy forming part of this “amazing” virtual exchange idea, sharing this moment with my coworkers, Yupi! How great it was! Of course, I wasn’t in a bikini when the meeting happened, but felt pretty good with my Deadpool ugly shirt and wanted to share the moment with you.

Well, thats kind of my story for this boudoir session, hope to see you around on this adventure of Amatha, “The masked boudoir model”. So suscribe to my blog, follow my site, so you can see more of my boudoirs and of course of me. ENJOY!!


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