Who I am?, Why do it like this? and, Why play Amatha “the Masked Boudoir Model”?

Hello all, I am Amatha, “The Masked Boudoir Model”, and welcome to my website, where you will be able to admire and share my passion for modeling.

I am not a professional model, I do this as a hobby since I also have my normal job where I have to battle with clients the whole day, so this helps me as a “therapy” since I adore being in front of a camera and being taken pictures.

On modeling, I love doing boudoir sessions, I think it feels really great to feel so sensual and play natural, without entering the land of erotism. I’m not going to deny that I love it, but have some troubles doing them so I am challenging myself with Amatha.

A Pic from my Yoga boudoir session, click to see more.

Boudoir is considered to be artistic and I really like that; so the answer to your question is YES, you may be able to see me nude, but in an artistic way not in an erotic or vulgar way. I have no plans on doing erotic stuff.

For erotism, involving all different types, there are a bunch of websites, here I wanted to play this with my likes and share them with those that want sensuality, mysticism, not saying you will see something totally new or different, but I bet you will see something that you will like and keeping the sensual part that I like.

I said that I love boudoir, feeling sensual, but since I was going to do this, I wanted to give it some twist, from my point of view, maybe I am wrong, I thought, why not do boudoirs playing different characters?  At the end, each character, being, or person, has a moment of the day when they arrive home are in some place, want to take a bath or are at some point they just want to feel sensual and things happen, don’t you think?

A pic from my Evil Christmas boudoir, click to see more.

Maybe that can answer your question, why the masks? why not show the face? the answer is easy, I am playing characters and the mask helps me enter the character and perform a boudoir for the character, also I think it helps to keep the mysticism, the essence of the session and I really like it, that way it will help me a lot to play with different characters and ideas that I am sure you will enjoy.

Also, I almost forgot to add, that I also adore nature, so most of the boudoirs performed were shot and will continue to be shot on the outside, in the forest, the beach, lakes, etc., so there will be a mixture of different scenarios, outdoorsindoors, that I think you will enjoy. Preferring the outdoor ones.

So, welcome to my website, look around, enjoy my pictures, and of course enjoy me.

Note: Just one thing, please don’t tell me that you want me in your life, I think it will be better for you to share this with your girlfriend, wife, etc. and it may help you to add a spark to your relation, just use your imagination and if you are alone, don’t worry, you can enjoy me, just don’t tell that to me, but be certain that somewhere there is someone that can do this type of things with you, trust me you can find her, I believe there is someone out there for you.


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